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Comment by O666 9 days ago
Tony Patterson & Brendan Eyre - Northlands 2014
Eclectic Neo Prog Rock
The great impressive Album.They balanced Lyrics and musical Style like tempo,arrangement and accompaniment perfectly .This catch me in first meet and grow to my mind after each listening . They used different musical styles to create a "Neo Soft Solid" music. And finally about great musicians that played in this album. You can see another face of them . I recommend " Northlands" to serious "Progressive Music" huge fans.
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Comment by O666 10 days ago - Everlasting Instant 2015
Symphonic Neo Prog Rock
This album nearest to Neo-Prog than Symphonic(IMO) . Another "GOOD" album from a "GOOD" band.
Comment by O666 13 days ago
Reed, Robert - Sanctuary 2014
Prog Rock
Good album for Mike Oldfield's 70's era fans.If you like "Tubular Bells" I recommend this to you. BUT I think its a COPY album and this is a weak point for this album.
Comment by O666 18 days ago
Dave Kerzner - New World 2014
Spacey Prog Rock
WOW. Lovely Album for Prog Rock fans. This like a soup! with "Pink Floyd" + "Steve Hackett"!! In My Opinion 2014 version better than 2015.
Comment by O666 21 days ago
Exovex - Radio Silence 2015
Heavy Prog Rock
Underrated!! band with great musicians. Amazing instrumental parts and perfect arrangement. I recommend this to Heavy Prog fans.
Comment by O666 2 months ago
Steven - Hand. Cannot. Erase. 2015
Prog Rock
This is a SW album. Don't ignore it.High class prog album with great line up.
Comment by O666 3 months ago
Pink - The Endless River 2014
English/British Instrumental Prog Rock/Electronic
Perfect Floydian Album specially for P.F huge fans.Nostalgic and Magnificent. This album growing up in your mind after every listening.
Comment by O666 3 months ago
Mostly Autumn - Dressed In Voices 2014
Neo Prog Rock
They try to change their style slowly. This album closest to Neo than Folk.
Review by Time_Signature 3 months ago <Permalink>
Seven Year Storm - Aion I 2015, EP
Instrumental Prog Metal
Sean Lang, the main man of Seven Year Storm, Sean Lang, is a freelance drummer and drumming instructor who had been composing a lot of material for his own amusement which was never meant to be released. However, some of his friends liked it and suggested that he release it. And, voila, after a successful Indigogo campain, "Aion I" sees the light of day.

We are dealing with instrumental progressive metal here which, despite what one might expect, is not at all drum-centric. Granted, there are plenty of rhythmically challenging parts, and Sean Lang definitely gets to show off his chops, but the guitar is given just as much room, and the listener is treated to several impressive and shreddy guitar leads. Combining atmospheric keyboards and djenty rhythms, and adding a slight touch of jazz rock and loads of melody, this EP should definitely appeal to fans of modern progressive music. And those who do not like djent ned not worry. This is not a djent EP. It's a progressive metal EP that features a couple of djent elements among many other elements.

Needless to say, the musicianship and songwriting is top notch, and the production is also extremely professional for a self-released EP. The production nicely allows for the sweeping layers of sound to shine through in a balanced and harmonic way.

I definitely hope to hear more from Lang in the future. "Aion I" should appeal to fans of Animals As Leaders, Chimp Spanner, and Planet X.

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Review by Time_Signature 3 months ago <Permalink>
Silent - Reveal The Change 2013
Prog Metal
This album is marketed as a progressive metal release, whereas Silent Voices' previous output are typically characterized as power metal albums. This album is called "Reveal the Change", and it may reflect a change in musical direction - I really don't know, because I have never heard their previous releases.

Anyway, if "Reveal the Change" is progressive metal, then it is perhaps best described as progressive metal lite - or maybe just very accessible progressive metal. "Reveal the Change" is largely characterized by straightforward riffage and catchy vocal melodies. There are plenty of elements from more traditional heavy metal and hard rock, as well as some more stuff. I do not really detect a lot of power metal on this album ther than a cople of scattered power metal aesthetics every now and then. There are not that many quirks, twists and turns.

I would not say reject the "progressive" tag, however, for a number of reasons. If we ignore the very last track, it may take a couple of listens, but then the listener will probably realize that the progressive nature of this album lies in the details. Firstly, the use of keyboards is definitely akin to what ... -> show full review
Review by Time_Signature 3 months ago <Permalink>
Knight Area - Hyperdrive 2014
Prog Metal/Hard Rock
Knight Area are perhaps best known as a neo prog rock band whose style contains the odd metallic element. However, with the addition of guitarist Mark Bogert and bassist Peter Vink, the band has taken their music in a considerably heavier direction to the point that, on the 2014 album "Hyperdrive", they venture so far into progressive metal and hard rock territory that the album (to me at least) is a bona fide progressive metal release.

The new heavy Knight Area is underlined by the hard rocking opening riff of 'Afraid of the Dark'. After an epic power ballad in the form 'The Lost World' with its power chords, Queen-like background vocals, and "Trick of the Tail"-inspired bridge, 'Bubble' kicks into a couple of heavy and groovy riffs. This track also features a bridge with a retro keyboard solo on top of an old school heavy metal passage. After another ballad in the form of 'This Day' (which, strangely, reminds me of the obscure Danish 80s prog band Zaragon), the listener is treated to a heavy and groovy tune in the form of 'Crimson Skies'. Slower, but also more melodic, is 'Avenue of Broken Dreams', which also features some quite aggressive riff-bursts in the transition between the verse and the chorus. 'Living in Confusion' takes a more AOR hard rock path, combining this with influences from ... -> show full review
Review by Time_Signature 3 months ago <Permalink>
Mekong - In a Mirror Darkly 2014
Technical Prog Metal
Mekong Delta are truly an underrated progressive metal band, who deserve much ore attention than they usually get. For one, their music is very original and seamlessly go back and forth between power metal, thrash metal, symphonic metal and progressive metal. Secondly, their music is at all times challenging to the listener. Thirdly, Mekong Delta is invariably associated with top notch musicianship regardless who's in the line-up at any given time.

On their latest album, "In A Mirror Darkly", they remind us of their excellence over the course of eight tight, yet totally mind-boggling, tracks (on some versions of the release, the two first tracks are conflated into one).

After a mellow, classically oriented introduction, the listener is treated to a challenging instrumental in the form of "Ouverture" and its relentless onslaught of notes, beats, and harmonies. In typical Mekong Delta fashion, the following track 'Armageddon Machine" offers a flurry of riffs and parts, all delivered in the same onslaught manner, with Martin LeMar's vocals floating on top of the instrumentation. 'The Silver in Gods Eye' is a slightly more amorphous affair, which also has a bit of a symphonic feel to ... -> show full review
Review by Time_Signature 3 months ago <Permalink> - Flaws of Elation 2006
Prog Metal
Originally released in 2006, "Flaws of Elation" is going to be reissued this year on Lion Music with new artwork, as a sort of follow-up to 2012's "Inheritance". When I heard "Inheritance", I was puzzled at the classification of Ashent as a dark prog power metal band, seeing how melodic and, to be honest, not very dark that album is (but still a very good album).

Having listened to the reissue of "Flaws of Elation", I now understand the dark prog power metal label. One "Flaws of Elation", Ashent draw much more extensively on dark power metal, and their guitars a crunchy and the riffs heavy, yet challenging (there are even some elements from extreme metal every now and then). While not as experimental in terms of texture as "Inheritance" is, "Flaw of Elation" still feature some nice textures primarily provided by the keyboards.

Now, "Flaws of Elation" is at heart very melodic, and there are plenty of guitar melodies, and also some nice guitar harmonies which seem to build on the foundation laid by Fates Warning on "Perfect Symmetry". Sophisticated and ... -> show full review
Review by Time_Signature 3 months ago <Permalink> - Inheritance 2012
Prog Metal
For a band branded as a dark progressive metal band, Ashent's latest effort is incredibly melodic. That is of course not a bad thing, and "Inheritance" is definitely a massive effort which is artistically successful.

Striking is, first of all, the massive crunch of the guitars and how this suits both the melodic harmonies and rhythmic ambiguities that abound on this fine album. The music is technically advanced, to be sure, but comes across inviting and accessible. The drumming is organic an full of fills and, while not overtly show offy, definitely not stuff that is easy to pull off. The bass has a nice broad and round sound, at times taking an almost lead-like position, but always providing the glue that holds the many textures on this album together. On the lead side, both keyboard solos and guitar solos reflect technically skilled musicians who know how to perform leads that showcase their skills without stealing the stage from the rest of the instrumentation.

I do not know if this type of ... -> show full review
Review by Time_Signature 3 months ago <Permalink>
Anubis - Horizons 2014
Prog Metal
Having released three very strong albums in a row, in the form of "Andromeda Unchained", "The Detached", and "Anubis Gate", the Danish progressive metal band's most recent, and eagerly awaited, album "Horizons" definitely has a lot to live up to. With no less than two line-up changes since "Anubis Gate", one might even be slightly worried that the new album may be sub par to its predecessors.

While I think that the previous three albums are slightly stronger than this one in some respects, there are some new elements on "Horizons" - probably adopted by the band as a consequence of the inspirations brought by the two new members - which I think enrich Anubis Gate's already interesting style of music. Firstly, I think that "Horizons" is musically the most varied album by the Danish band, as it explores both melodic pathways and heavier grooves. The rhythm guitar has become slightly more aggressive, which I appreciate, while the use of keyboards has become more prominent, which works very well here. Morten Gade Sørensen's drumming is both considerably technical and dynamic, yet also potent.

'Destined to Remember', which listeners might already be familiar with because an alternate version appeared in the ... -> show full review
Comment by floflo79 4 months ago
Pink - The Dark Side of the Moon 1973
The album who made me discover prog. A travel through death, money and stress
Comment by floflo79 4 months ago
Pink - The Wall 1979
A shock album with wonderful tracks and lyrics
Comment by floflo79 4 months ago
Mike Oldfield - Amarok 1990
A wonderful album with awesome melodies and great work on guitar. Magic.
Comment by floflo79 4 months ago
Florian Decros - Vango II 2015
Eclectic Prog Rock
Some great moments like the track Back In Everland. A indie artist who deserves attention
Comment by floflo79 4 months ago - Voyager 2015
Symphonic Prog Rock
A spacy and well composed album. A great beginning for 2015
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Queen - Queen II 1974
 4 hours ago
English/British Eclectic Non-Prog Rock
Agents Of - DramaRama 2010
 7 hours ago
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Nordic Prog Rock - Automatic for the People 1992
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Symphonic Prog Metal/Rock
Pink - The Endless River 2014
 3 months ago
Prog-Related Rock
Kant Freud Kafka - No Tengas Miedo 2014
 5 months ago
Dry River - El CIrco de la Tierra 2012
 5 months ago
Symphonic Prog Metal
Banda do Casaco - Coisas do arco da velha 1976
 6 months ago
Onevoice - A Sound & Space, Agreed 2013
 6 months ago
Prog Rock
Generous - More Than Meets The Eye 2013
 11 months ago
Heavy Prog Hard Rock
Blind - At the Edge of Time 2010
 12 months ago
Symphonic Prog Metal
Pervy Perkin - Ink 2014
 2 years ago
Prog Metal/Rock
Asia - XXX 2012
 2 years ago
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Unreal City - Il Paese Del Tramonto

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Symphonic Prog Rock - Everlasting Instant

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Minimum Vital - Pavanes

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The Psychedelic - The Sunstone

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Neo Prog Rock - The Finest of Miracles

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Franck Carducci - Torn Apart

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Prog Rock
Red Jasper - The Great and Secret Show

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Prog Rock - Until All the Ghost Are Gone

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Nordic Heavy Prog Rock
Steve Hackett - Wolflight

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L Herba D Hamelí - Interiors

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Prog Rock - Little Brother is Watching

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Eclectic Non-Prog Rock/Metal
David Barret Trio - David Barrett Trio II

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Heavy Prog Rock - Known / Learned

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