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Comment by Mike 12 days ago - For The Journey 2014
Prog Metal
Tired. That's the word I would use to describe this album compared to the magnificent March of Progress. All things considered, it's a solid release, but it lacks the drive and determination of Thresholds best releases. Ironically some of that shines through in the bonus track ...
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Comment by O666 22 days ago
Auxford - Отражение (Reflection) 2014
Prog Rock
A Crossover Prog Band with Very good instrumental part and songs.
Comment by PowerWyrm one month ago - The Serpent & The Sphere 2014
Prog Post Metal
A mix of the heavier stuff (Marrow) and the old stuff (Mantle, White), with a lot of acoustic/instrumental interludes. A good surprise.
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Comment by Mike 2 months ago - Pale Communion 2014
Prog Rock
"Dissonance by numbers" ... that came to my mind when I listened to this album. Gone is the inspired songwriting of old, and the occasional warmth and melancholy that always stood out for me in Opeth - an unfortunate trend that started on their previous album Heritage.
Comment by O666 3 months ago
Frequency Drift - Over 2014
Prog Rock
One of the best in 2014 (IMO)
Comment by O666 3 months ago
Minor Giant - On The Road 2014
Neo Prog Rock
Very good for IQ's fans.
Comment by O666 3 months ago - Wanted 2014
Prog Rock
Oh No. I Liked them but this album ... disappoint me. I hope they back again!!!
Comment by O666 3 months ago
Abel Ganz - Abel Ganz 2014
Neo Prog Rock
Very good Album. I love this album.I think this album is their best (IMO)
Comment by PowerWyrm 4 months ago
Manowar - Kings of Metal MMXIV 2014
Non-Prog True Metal
A re-recording of the 1988 classic. Unfortunately, light years away from the original...
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Comment by PowerWyrm 6 months ago - Pale Folklore 1999
Prog Post Extreme Metal
I've completely overlooked this album when I discovered the band, probably because I started with Dead Winter Days and hated the harsh vocals. But the rest of this album is marvelous, and I'm glad I fixed the mistake...
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Review by PowerWyrm 8 months ago <Permalink>
Peste - L'Ordure à l'état Pur 2011
Medieval Prog-Related Punk/Metal
Medieval black metal band Peste Noire delivers here a very
controversial album. The dark lyrics based on medieval poems
have been replaced here by political pamphlets around very
modern subjects: ecology, social fracture, civil war... The
music, quite far from their black metal roots, is an eclectic
mix of punk/rock, ska, french folk, eurodance and avant-garde
metal. Vocals alternate between male and female, clean, spoken,
growls, carnivalesque... It's a mess, but a good mess. Most
funny album I've listened in ages.
Review by PowerWyrm 12 months ago <Permalink> - Feast 2013
Non-Prog Thrash Metal
Nice gory cover art... so did Annihilator move to death metal? Not really... In fact, it's probably their most balanced album since All For You.

Okay there are still a lot of fast paced thrash metal songs, but that's the trademark of Annihilator since the first day. However, this time, the band added more melodic songs ("No Surrender", "One Falls, Two Rise"), a ballad ("Perfect Angel Eyes"), even the guitar interludes are back. In the end, an enjoyable album.
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Review by Time_Signature 12 months ago <Permalink>
Lars Eric - Epicentre 2013
Prog Metal
Gutiar virtuoso and owner of Lion Music, Lars Eric Mattsson, has a shitload of albums under his belt – both as a solo artist and as a member of acts like Book of Reflections, Vision, and Condition Red. While there is no doubt that he is incredibly gifted and that, though Lion Music, he has made a tremendous effort in keeping progressive metal, neoclassical metal, hard rock, and melodic metal alive, I think that the quality of his output is varied. In 2011, he released the instrumental album ”Aurora Borealis” which I found underwhelming, while his 1998-album ”Obsession” (reissued last year) is absolutely brilliant.

This year, he released ”Epicentre”. While following the neoclassiclly oriented ”Aurora Borealis”, ”Epicentre” does not follow up on ”Aurora Borealis”. While the preceding album was quite onesided, this one is multifacetted, as Mattsson explores a range of expressions and vistas. Thus, we are treated to tracks, like 'Cinnamon' or the swinging 'Too Late', while others, like 'No Way, No Surrender' and 'Wait for the Sunrise' as well as the heavy 'Freedom Fighters' and 'No More War' are all out prog metal attacks in the form of complexly structured flurries of passages and sections. ... -> show full review
Review by Time_Signature 12 months ago <Permalink>
Divided Multitude - Feed On Your Misery 2013
Prog Metal
The fifth album by Norwegian progsters Divided Multitude, ”Feed On Your Misery” was released earlier this year on Lance King's label Nightmare Records. Like many of their labelmates, Divided Multitudes explore the vistas of progressive metal and power metal.

Compared to many of the other artists on Nightmare's roster, Divided Multitude represent the heavier end of the progressive metal gamut, without ever entering into extreme metal territory. The music on this album is also more accessible than a lot of other progressive metal is, as Divided Multitude draw extensively on heavy riffage and larger-than-life melodies as hear in power metal. Moreover, vocalist Sindre Antonsen has adopted a slightly gruff singing style akin to what you might hear on a Pertness or a Symphony X album. His singing style thus adds a further edge to the overall sound of the album.

That being said, we are dealing with progressive metal, and the Norwegians do make use of complex song structures, and there are several twists and turns as well as changes in time and tempo. In the closing track 'Reborn' – perhaps the best track on the album – the listener is even treated to dissonant chords. The band's combination of twin guitars and keyboards makes for a nicely layered and kind of epic sound, which is in nice contrast with the heavy grooves and crushing riffs also heard on the album.

I think this is a pretty solid progressive metal album, an fans of both vanilla progressive metal and prog power metal should find ”Feed on your Misery” very enjoyable.

(review originally posted at
Review by Time_Signature 12 months ago <Permalink>
A Cosmic - II: Mistrel 2013
Instrumental Prog Metal/Rock
The second album by German instrumental progsters A Cosmic Trail, "II: Mistral" is marketed by its label Pure Prog as a progressive metal album.

This is not completely wrong, but there is more to the album's seven tracks than pure progressive metal. Granted, there are plenty of metal elements in the form of chucking riffs and distorted guitars accompanied by pounding drums. However, there are just as many atmospheric and mellow passages on the album as there are heavy ones, as A Cosmic Trail draws on other genres, such s jazz fusion and psychedelic rock as well as, of course, progressive rock. Much like the music on Yes' "Tales from "Tales from the Topographic Oceans", the tracks on "II: Mistral" have the form of massive auditive vistas with multiple layers and moods, ranging from the dark and bleak to the more uplifting.

This album is more than progressive metal, and it has just as much in common with the likes of Yes, Genesis, and King Crimson as it does with, way, Opeth or recent Enslaved. Still, there are enough metal elements on this album that, if you like progressive rock and also happen to be a metalhead, there should be plenty of good stuff for you on "II: Mistral".

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Review by Time_Signature 12 months ago <Permalink> - Schlage Mein Herz, Schlage 2013
Prog Rock
In 1993, Mayfair released one of the most original progressive metal albums to ever see the light of day. A couple of albums down the line, the Austrian pioneers decided to call it a day, and their work remained obcure till they recently decided to get back together and, firstly reissued ”Behind...” on Pure Prog Records, and this year saw the release of their comeback album ”Schlage mein Herz, Schlage”.

The title track 'Schlage men Herz, Schlage' is a quite psychedelic affair with esoteric mildly distorted guitars and …, while 'Firestorm' is atmospheric and features some elements akin to alternative rock. The alternative mode and the atmospheric mood also characterizes the heavy and brooding 'Wwwrong', which also offers a sense of dark psychedelia as well as some more solid merallic riffage towards the end. 'Drei Jahre Zurück' combines minimalistic gutiar figures with driving, but melancholic, metallic pumping riffs. 'Abendp_rno' (I think it's Abendporno', which mean 'porno in the evening) combines metallic drumming with punky riffs and, 'Island' is a nother heavy and darkly psychedelic track with simpel clean guitars overlaid on top of atmospheric and noisy guitars in the background – not unlike what you might hear in drone metal or atmospheric and depressive black metal (without this song sounding at all like those two genres). 'Du Allein' is similarly dark, at time reminding me of a blend of U2 at their darkest and Paradise Lost at their lightest (check out the chorus). 'Tric Trac' is in the ... -> show full review
Comment by PowerWyrm 12 months ago - Messe I.X-VI.X 2013
Minimalistic Prog Post Rock
The sadest music I've listened in ages...

Mimimalistic electronica backed up with a classical orchestra. Almost a requiem.
Review by Time_Signature 12 months ago <Permalink>
Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite - Galahad Suite 2013
Prog Metal
Thirty years in the making, Anton Johansson's ”Galahad Suite” finally sees the light of day. Having worked on the concept behind this album since 1982, Anton Johansson, who does not actually perform on this album, has allied himself with a number of strong songwriters and musicians from the Swedish rock scene to form the project named Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite. As the title indicates, the album deals with the quasi-mythical Arthurian character Galahad, and his story is told over a song cycle of ten songs.

Being a concept album that draws on the aesthetics of heavy metal and hard rock, we are essentially dealing with a progressive metal release here. Themes are repeated through out the album, and each track is essentially a movement, with the first track serving as an overture, or prelude, of sorts, and its theme being repeated in the last track. Now you might think that you are in for some complex and epic music akin to Dream Theater's ”A Change of Season” or ”Scenes from a Memory”, but, while the structure of the album in its entirety might be complex, the music itself is by and large pretty straightforward. We are dealing with musc the evolves around rocking riffs combined with softer passages (which in itself makes for interesting album dynamics). We are more in the territory of Queensrÿche and Persona Non Grata (or Rainbow at their most progressive) – that is, very accessible progressive metal which has both commercial appeal and sophistication.

A good example of this is 'Somewhere – The Quest', which combines an uplifting drive (and, frankly, some pretty awesome guitar riffs) with an AOR sensibility and at the same time keyboard figures akin to more Dream Theater-oriented progressive metal. 'Happy – The Incident' features the same type of keyboard, but combines a more funky drive with power ... -> show full review
Review by Time_Signature 12 months ago <Permalink>
Fates - Darkness in a Different Light 2013
Heavy Prog Metal
The first proper Fates Warning album in nearly ten years, “Darkness in a Different Light” has obviously been greatly anticipated. Of course, we Fates Warning fans godt a massive treat when Arch/Matheos’ masterpiece debut album “Sympathetic Resonance” was released in 2011 featuring Fates Warning’s current line-up in its entirety and former Fates Warning vocalist Jon Arch in front. While many people consider “Sympathetic Resonance” the lost Fates Warning album or the Fates Warning album that never was, “Darkness in a Different Light” is the real comeback from these pioneers of progressive metal.

Stylistically, this album falls somewhere between “Disconnected” and “FWX”, which are probably my least favorite Fates Warning albums, but in combining these albums, “Darkness in a Different Light” rises above these two albums, taking the best of both and moving it in a direction of its own. The songs on the album are, for progressive metal standards, pretty short and relatively straightforward at first listen. But after a couple of listens, the listener will discover little details that are more reminiscent of the bands legendary early 90s output. This is largely due to the return to the two-guitarists set-up, which Fates Warning exploit in a number of interesting ways on this album.

The opening track opens with a frantic wasp-like guitar figure on top of a groovy guitar riff and takes the listener – in true Rush-style – through a couple of different passages before the verse kicks in. The verse is a heavy and groovy affair with an acoustic guitar overlaid on top. Already here, the listener is reminded of some of the aesthetics of “Parallels” and “Inside Out” which made efficient use of the combination of distorted and clean guitars. But, still, what we hear here is not quite identical to those two albums, as Fates Warning pursue ... -> show full review
Review by Time_Signature 12 months ago <Permalink> - Surgical Steel 2013
Non-Prog Death Metal
For my money one of the most interesting contributors to the extreme metal scene. The invention of goregrind and melodeath is rightfully attributed to Carcass with their release of “Reek of Putrefaction” and “Heartwork” respectively. But “Symphonies of Sickness” was, I would say, an important contribution to the development of the deathgrind hybrid genre, while “Necroticism...” - one of my all-time favorite albums – was an original technical death metal piece drawing on complex and progressive song structures and juxtaposition of midtempo solid riffage and ferocious blastbeats. Much underrated, “Swansong” is as important a contribution to the development of death 'n' roll as Entombed's “Wolverine Blues” and Gorefest's “Soul Survivor”. Sadly, the band broke up after the release of “Swansong” and was struck by tragedy when founding member and drummer Ken Owen was suffered from a brain hemorrhage and ended up in a coma, causing the post-Carcass project Blackstar (which explored further the traditional heavy metal direction that Carcass had taken on “Swansong”) to dissolve.

Having reunited a couple of times for gigs and festivals, Carcass eventually was reestablished as a band proper and released the much expected “Surgical Steel” in 2013. And, boy, this must be among the most kick-ass comebacks of any rock band in the history of music.

After a hyper-melodic intro in the form of '1985' and its rich Iron Maiden-esque twin guitar harmonies, the album explodes into the aptly titled 'Thrasher's Abbatoir' which combines thrashy riffage (some of which has the same compact quality as Exodus' trademark riffs had back in the day), brief and explosive blastbeats, and old school death metal riffage as well as some more hardcorish elements. The uptempo ... -> show full review
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