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Comment by PowerWyrm 3 months ago - Kodama 2016
Atmospheric Prog Post Black Metal
One step forward... and now two steps back. After delivering some very atmospheric post rock on the last album, the band went back to the mix of post black metal/shoegaze of Ecailles de Lune. Still a very strong album, but not my favorite.
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Comment by O666 6 months ago
Kaipa Da Capo - Dårskapens Monotoni 2016
Symphonic Technical Prog Rock
Don't mistake! This band is "Kaipa Da Capo" not "Kaipa"! Another project from the great Symphonic Prog specialist "Roine Stolt" as the mastermind of this band.
Great album for Symphonic Prog huge fans . Many of the "Sympho Prog" genre specifics and musical elements find in this album. Roine play some Emotional guitar solo parts in this album perfectly. Other musicians of the band are great in this album .
8.5/10 rate in this time. 90% , after more listens , I will rise this rate!
Comment by O666 6 months ago
Twenty- Four Hours - Left-To-Live (A Meditation On Past And Present Perfect ... 2016
Prog Rock
"The Italian Progressive Rock band." Don't get me wrong , I'm not said "The RPI band! "
Polish Prog style plus UK prog style with Tangerine Dream type moments , make a great and enjoyable album. For me , this like a variety of lovely musical parts. I guess many of Prog Rock fans like this album. Don't miss it! 8.5/10 rate IMO.
Review by DamoXt7942 6 months ago <Permalink>
Mouth of the Architect - Path Of Eight 2016
Experimental Prog Metal
Honest to say, this album "Path Of Eight" is my first MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT, which sleeve of mysticism I've pretty got immersed in and could not avoid preordering. And their first hit for me was massive and aggressive. "Ritual Bell" drenched in surrealistic wall of sound and flooded with religious rite of MotA baptism completely leads the audience upon the rigid road of architectures each of which has different vibe from others amazingly, below mentioned.

Their deep, heavy, and intensive stoner sound-world sounds leaning toward the Seattle-oriented grunge scene like the early Pearl Jam ("The priestess" reminds me of Pearl Jam's debut album "ten" actually) or Alice In Chains (e.g. complicatedly moving waves can be heard in "Fever Dream", one of my faves really) ... because they might hail from US I imagine? And not only grunge-ish atmosphere but also colourful sound variation they have launched upon this physical stuff (both the disc and the sleeve).

"Sever The Soul" has obvious hard deathcore touch beneath the melodic sea. On the other hand, wild and depressive alternative depth / width can be enjoyed in "Stretching Out". The last titled track is filled with acidity and stoner essence as though it were not already enough. In addition, such a deep metallic kaleidoscope should be tinged with unpolished unclear pop taste here and there.

Their soundscape should apparently be far from Zeni Geva classified in the same subgenre like them, although I'm not familiar with Exp. / Post Metal. Certainly I cannot say at all I wasted my money upon this wonderful album.
Comment by O666 7 months ago
TCP - Temporal Chaos 2016
Eclectic Neo Prog Rock
2-3 month earlier , I got this album and listened to it 2 or 3 times. 1 week earlier , I listened to it again and BANG it's catch me so hard!!!
King Crimson's elements , Gabriel type! Vocal, Modern sounding and ... The great thing about this album is "This is a Complex and Enjoyable Album." 8.8/10 (very near to 9/10 but ...!) rate IMO.
Comment by O666 8 months ago
Thank You - Stranger Heads Prevail 2016
Eclectic Technical Prog Rock
"Thank You Scientist" released their new album after 4 years from their first album. (IMO) The album better and stronger than their first album, which is a sign of progress and maturity of the band's members in last 4 years.
I believe they have their step in the new era of their music that is much more serious and more complex. They Using Brass instruments and violins in their music perfectly and they do this better and more creative than their first album.
(IMO) this album genre is closest to "Eclectic Prog" than "Crossover Prog". Jazzy parts , Technical instrumental parts, Math Rock parts and another "Full-Prog" genres parts with creative combination of them and put them in the best places of songs, show me that they Crossed over "Crossover Prog" clearly.
Don't miss it ;) .
8.6/10 rate IMO
Comment by O666 9 months ago
The Rome Pro(G)ject - Of Fate and Glory 2016
Instrumental Retro Prog Rock
Generally, I don't like Instrumental Albums (I mean instrumental from first song to last song ) but this album is different.
This album have most of my "Fave" musical elements like : Structure of songs , Instruments Playing technique , Arrangement , Composing , Sound of instruments and another musical stuffs that push me to Love "Progressive Rock" music !
And there are too many "Specific Parts" from my FAVE bands and artists like E.L.P, Camel, Genesis , Yes , PFM ...etc in this Amazing album. Retro but Modern music! Listened but New! This is my opinion about it!
I recommend this "Brilliant Album" to Progressive Rock fans specially to Symphonic Prog fans. 9.2/10 rate IMO. Don't miss it!!!
Comment by O666 10 months ago
Anima Mundi - I Me Myself 2016
Symphonic Technical Prog Rock
Perfect Composing , Complex Arrangement , Great Technical Musicianship , Beautiful Emotional soft parts , ...
Unexpected album for me because of "bigger number and better quality" of Vocal parts in compare with their previous albums. Their Music (in this album) crossing over classic Symphonic Prog and Eclectic Prog perfectly. All parts of album are balanced between technical and Emotional music. They show their abilities clearly without using "very fast" or "noisy" instruments sounding and playing. You can listen to this technical and complex music easily! and enjoy so much. 9.5/10 rate In My Opinion. Highly recommend to all of Progressive Rock music fans! Try it.
Comment by O666 10 months ago - Disconnected 2016
Neo Prog Rock
Another great album from my fave band "Airbag". They use "Pink Floyd" and "Porcupine Tree" musical elements to make their own music. I know , many people can recognize these similar elements but I don't believe Airbag is a clone band or they just copy from P.F or P.T. In My Opinion "Airbag" is a innovative band and they have their specific accent.
Their last album "Disconnected " isn't their best album (IMO) but it is a pretty good album and better than many of 2016 "Same Style!" albums. IMO 9/10 rate . Highly recommend to "Pink Floyd" fans specially "Dave Gilmour" guitar playing lovers !
Comment by O666 10 months ago
Abacus - European Stories 2016
Symphonic Prog Rock
E.L.P is the best title for a review about this album. And if I want to give you another word , I give you TARKUS! there are too many similarities between this album and Tarkus. 80% of album have Tarkus structure and another 20% have "80's Progressive Rock" music structure. Specially Mike Oldfield and Genesis. If you like Emerson's (RIP) key sounding and playing , you MUST listen to this album. 8/10 rate in my opinion.
Comment by O666 10 months ago
Condition - Illusion of Truth 2016
Eclectic Neo Prog Rock/Metal
Catchy Album! One of the best of 2016 till now ! Unexpected for me. Before I listen to this album , I search about them and I found their page in P.A as a "Progressive Metal" band.
IMO this album is not Progressive Metal . I can't find even 1 Prog Metal element or ... in their music in this album. I faced to variety of styles that played perfectly in their music. 9/10 rate in my opinion. Good music for many of Prog fans with different tastes . Try it!
Comment by O666 11 months ago
Musique Noise - Dans Le Temps Qui S'etire... 2016
Avant-Garde Technical Prog Rock in Opposition/Jazz
GREAT album. Better than I expected ! and "Unexpected!" for me. Technical musicians , complex jazz parts and Avant-Garde elements are mixed as a Solid album. Strange Atmosphere that created by their Vocalist is very impressive for me. I found a wide range of influences from Giants of these genres! like Zappa, Magma and etc in their music. 9/10 rate In My Opinion.
Comment by O666 11 months ago
Blue Mammoth - Stories of a King 2016
Symphonic Neo Prog Rock
Neo-Prog Rock music based on Symphonic Prog Elements. Vocal's style (Similar to Genesis: both Phil and Peter) with this kind of instrumental parts , Remind me bands like : The Watch , 5 bridges , Agents of Mercy and ...
I like this sub-genre of Progressive Rock music and I think Symphonic and Neo Prog fans like this album too. 8.5/10 rate IMO.
Comment by O666 11 months ago
Mice on Stilts - Hope For A Mourning 2016
Atmospheric Prog Post Rock
Deep,Emotional and Atmospheric music. You can see talented musicians in this album and feel their emotions clearly. "Local Nature" and "Local Folk Culture" influences are very clear in their music and these make their music unique. This album catch me very hard! from start to end. Using different instruments with sustain and delays , make the great sound for their Lovely music. They know what they want completely and using their talents and personal abilities to make what they want. 9/10 rate IMO. Recommend to Progressive Rock huge fans. Listen and Enjoy !
Comment by O666 11 months ago - Aftermath 2016
Neo Prog Rock
Another lovely album from "Pink Floyd" similar band "Preacher". I love their music and they are one of my fav bands in this genre. Floyd's musical elements are very clear in their music and they didn't and don't try to hide it. Preacher is not a clone or copy band, They are a innovative band and they have their own accent in Progressive Rock scene. 8/10 rate IMO. Highly recommend to Floyd fans.
Comment by O666 11 months ago
Fractal Mirror - Slow Burn 1 2016
Neo Prog Rock
Mellow , Soft and Beautiful music. Great mix of different musical styles. You can feel touches and influences of bands like Porcupine Tree , Anathema , Blackfield and Radiohead in their music in this album but they never COPY from those bands. I like this album so much. 8/10 rate IMO.
Comment by O666 11 months ago
Thrilos - Kingdom of Dream 2016
Instrumental Neo Prog Rock
The great album from New Polish Band "Thrilos". You can find "Great Polish Prog Rock Bands" influences in their music. Most of album is Instrumental but they have small parts with Vocal . 8/10 rate IMO. Don't miss it.
Comment by O666 11 months ago
Southern Empire - Southern Empire 2016
Symphonic Neo Prog Rock
Lovely album for me! Crossing over Symphonic , Neo and Heavy prog music. Technical musicians play many Classic Progressive Rock elements with modern instruments sounding. Its remind me Spock's Beard , Flower Kings and this kind of Great bands music. 8.5/10 rate in my opinion. Fit for Classic Progressive Rock huge fans taste.
Comment by O666 12 months ago
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - The Rain 2016
Prog Rock
The second Album of Ex-Pain of Salvation , Kristoff Gildenlow is a very good album IMO. Mellow Emotional Crossover Prog Rock music from one of the best Prog METAL band's member! I never heard even one song like this in Pain of Salvation songs and this make me wonder so much.
His music is very similar to Anathema and Antimatter (post 2000 albums) specially Style of composing and arrangement and style of Vocals (Male and Female vocals). 8/10 rate IMO.
Comment by O666 12 months ago - The Jester's Quest In The City Of Glass 2016
English/British Prog Rock
Unexpected Album! Better that I guessed! What is their style ?! I answer for you : Symphonic Folk Modern Album! A fully Concept album with "Narration" between tracks. Great for elder Progressive Rock fans. 8/10 IMO
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