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Review by O666 3 days ago <Permalink>
Mindgames - Paradox of Choice 2015
Symphonic Neo Prog Rock
M!ndgames released their fourth Album after 5 years. The longest distance between their albums from their first album till now. And their second change in their line up happened in this album. The "Important" change in my opinion. Their former guitarist "Rudy Vander Vaken" left the band and replaced by "Sandro Sarita". Now they enter to new era of their career. I (as a fan of them) was very eagered to listen their new album after 5 years and after this important change in their line up. Finally their new Album released : " Paradox of Choice".

Their prev album "MMX" was successful for them and now they search for their "Own Place" in Progressive Rock scene.�

Let me preview songs of "Paradox of Choice". Album start with 20sec narration as "Prologue". This show direction of lyrics of album.

" The Whistle-Blower" designed for introducing their new member "Sndro Sarita" as their new guitarist. Sounding of Electric Guitar , semi-improvise solo , Dynamic bass line and keyboard sounding helped to guitar to listened better. You can't find similar song in this album. Note to Keyboard's sounds from Start to End. Using and adding fair Sounds to Prepare good space for Guitar solo.�

"The Age of Plenty" is the Longest track of album start with heavy Guitar-Key riff (very similar to SAGA band riffs) and dynamic bass playing with good vocal. Keyboard sounding completely different to Prev song. You can hear Melotrone sound in this song clearly. This song have many of "Epic Song Elements" like : Changing tempo of song in many times, Guitar solo playing in middle of song , Changing music directions and back to start riff of song and ... . I like this "Back to Start" so much (like "The Student Prince" song from Comedy of Error's Disobey album) . BUT they didn't successful to make a "Solid ... -> show full review
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Comment by O666 3 days ago - Soon 2016
Prog Rock/Fusion
Normally I don't mention to lyrics. Music and form is more important than lyrics for me but in this album , lyrics catch me from start of album. I like "NEDA" song. This is about a 26 years old girl who killed in street protests. This song is very impressive and emotional.
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Comment by O666 5 days ago
Holy Lamb - Gyrosophy 2015
Symphonic Neo Prog Rock
Innovative Symphonic Prog band from latvia. they took great sympho part from some of genre Giants and mixed these parts to make their own music. If you are a Symphonic Prog / Neo Prog fan , don't wait to listen to this album. Great combination of Organ,Piano and guitar in instrumental parts. Catchy music from start to end.
Comment by O666 5 days ago
Anubis - Between The Two Eternities 2016
Instrumental Prog Rock
Variety of many musical style under high influence of "Mahavishnu Orchestra" . You can see this influence even on Album Title (Eternities word!). Guitar playing with John Mclaughlin touch , Drums playing specially in first track , Hidden Perfect Bass playing and Eastern accent (specially India) are show me MO influence BUT spacey keyboard and atmosphere of their music , help them to run from clone or exact copy of MO. High recommended to MO and Psychedelic/Space Rock fans together! 8/10 rate in my opinion.
Comment by O666 8 days ago
The Night Sea - 07.01.14 2016
Psychedelic Instrumental Prog Rock
Instrumental Psychedelic "One Track" 45 min album. Its remind me "Pink Floyd" 60's instrumental songs.
Comment by O666 12 days ago
The Tea - Grappling 2015
Eclectic Neo Prog Rock
One of the Best albums of 2015. "Pure" Progressive Rock music. Pretty good combination of many Prog Rock musical elements that fit for most of Prog Rock fan's ears! Fast and technical melodies played on mid-tempo heavy riffs plus Great Guitar-Keyboard twin leads Don't miss this!
Comment by O666 14 days ago
Mantra Vega - The Illusion's Reckoning 2016
Prog Rock
Looking to their line up : Heather Findlay (Mostly Autumn), Dave Kerzner , Dave Kilminster ,Troy Donockley (Nightwish) , Irene Jansen (Ayreon) , Angela Gordon (Mostly Autumn) and Arjen Lucassen. Wow the great line up. When I saw this line up for the first time , I guessed their music is exact Prog Rock/Metal and after listening I found them Prog Pop! But their music is catchy and enjoyable. You can find many Prog Rock elements in their music. Highly Recommended for Xover Prog Rock fans.
Comment by O666 21 days ago
Lizard - Destruction and Little Pieces of Cheese 2015, Live
Eclectic Technical Prog Rock
One of the "Best" live albums in 2015. Great and technical without show off! Good for King Crimson huge fans. 8.5/10 rate
Comment by O666 25 days ago
Zip Tang - Private Shangri-La 2015
Eclectic Retro Prog Rock
From King Crimson to Porcupine Tree. From Math Rock to Heavy Rock. You can find many of styles and influences in this album. Album length is fit length (IMO) and "songs sort" is perfect. Its catch me from start to end. Listen and enjoy.
Comment by O666 one month ago
Gio C - Cyborg Theory 2015
Instrumental Prog Rock/Electronic
The Great album from Italian musician Giovanni Cirone Aka "Gio C". Great mix of "Electronic" music and "Pink Floyd" touch specially Dave Gilmour influences in Guitar playing. IMO Crossover Prog is fit for this album. 8/10 rate in my HONEST opinion.
Comment by O666 one month ago
Moongressive - Wings Of Time 2015
Prog Rock
Young Italian Progressive Rock band. I can't ignore them because their music is really good. Better than I expected. Crossover Prog is their sub genre with no doubt. Don't ignore them!!!
Comment by O666 2 months ago - Transfiction 2015
Neo Prog Rock
Catch me in first listen! I'm sure Neo Prog fans like this Female Vocal band and their music. Many of Neo Prog specific elements are find in their music specially in melodies. Not very complex but very enjoyable. Listen and Enjoy.
Comment by O666 2 months ago
I Am The Manic - Everything Beautiful In Time 2015
Symphonic Prog Rock
Symphonic or not Symphonic!!! this is the ONLY problem between serious Prog Rock fans. Most of us (Progressive Rock huge fans ) accepted them as a "Exact Prog Rock" band and we know about their Technical Abilities and their huge potential in Progressive Rock genre scene in this time. They show their abilities to playing music in many genres and styles clearly. Great Composing , Perfect instruments playing and Amazing Arrangement , make one of the best Prog Rock albums in 2015 (IMO). Don't miss this!!!
Comment by O666 2 months ago - Serene 2015
Heavy Experimental Prog Rock/Independent
Dense and Depressive. Band from Norway and this have specific mean for serious music fans and remind them Nordic Musical Elements.
I like this "Format" of Heavy music. Song start very slowly with one instrument sound (like guitar) and vocal add to it then keyboard and Effects start to make dark Atmosphere and other instruments add to this mix one by one and then ... BOOM music reach to "Peak Point" and all instruments playing together Heavy Music. I Love it!!!
Comment by O666 2 months ago
Forgotten - When Worlds Collide 2015
Heavy Technical Prog Rock/Metal
After 6 years , Forgotten Suns release "When Worlds Collide". IMO this is their BEST album. They finally choose their direction and show their fav genre: "Progressive Metal". I recommend this album to Prog Metal fans and I think we must Accept them as a "EXACT" Prog Metal band.
Comment by O666 2 months ago
Blank - The Waiting Soldier 2015
Symphonic Technical Prog Rock
Serious , Technical , Emotional with variety of instruments , sounds and genres. Great musical adventure in 39 min. The interesting point is "Playing instruments" for me. Each of instruments played Perfectly and they put in "Right Place" and "Right Time" and these show me the Power of Composing and Arrangement of this album. 9/10 in my opinion
Comment by O666 3 months ago
Murky Red - No Pocus Without Hocus 2015
Psychedelic Prog Rock
Great mix of genres. Experimental , Psychedelic and Heavy mixed with Blues elements and early "Pink Floyd" Atmosphere make a great music for Progressive music fans. "Giant Bands" influences forced me to listen and "Enjoy" from start to end in my first listen. You can find "The Doors" , early "Pink Floyd" (as I said before) , early Black Sabbath influences clearly in this Album. Highly Recommend to all of Progressive Rock fans.
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Comment by O666 3 months ago
Leap - From the Days of Deucalion, Chapter 2 2015
Symphonic Neo Prog Rock
Modern Symphonic/Neo Prog album. Keyboard sound and style influenced by Genesis 70's era and mixed with semi Hackett guitar and jazzy Base guitar line. All of these plus Atmospheric background make a great album in 2015. 8.5/10 in my opinion.
Comment by O666 3 months ago
Magnésis - La dame de Braise 2015
Symphonic Neo Prog Rock
All things that I like in a "Neo Prog" album are here! Standard time (46 min) , Epic track , Concept album (Musical meant) and Retro music. I don't know French Language but I feel this is a Concept album. Symphonic-Neo Prog Rock album for all of 70's Progressive Rock scene.
Comment by O666 3 months ago
Electric Light Orchestra - Alone in the Universe 2015
Prog-Related Rock/Pop
I'm not E.L.O huge fan but as many of music lovers I know them and I have good memories with their songs from 70's till now. I like this album not for their Progressive Rock music.This isn't a Prog Rock album. I like this album because of Nostalgic reason. There are many "New songs" in this album that make Nostalgic feelings on me. 7/10 rate in my opinion.
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Minimum Vital - Pavanes

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