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Review by tribeca 12 years ago <Permalink>
IT - Over and Out 2002
Neo Prog Album Oriented Rock
Unashamedly drawing on (arguably) the peak years of Pink Floyd's creativity (DSOTM, Wish You Were Here and Animals), Over and Out will take you back to a time when albums were painstakingly crafted and from the opening 'Time' like intro to 'Tuning In' all Floyd fans will be transported back to the Hypgnosis era with the clever use of samples and that grand but laid back production typical of DSOTM. The Canadian origins of the band give the album some distinct personality and wouldn't be out of place as a soundtrack to a Michael Moore film. IT's trademark scathing of modern culture is omnipresent. "Ground control again to Major Tom. This planet's getting lonely. Now don't come down here, stay there if you can. We haven't got a plan and no-one wants to help me" - 'Leaving the Planet'
'Leaving the Planet', 'Space Cadet Parts 1 & 2' and Stranded is a gorgeous sequence of tracks that had me yearning for my gatefold vinyl cover so that i could psychologically become more immersed in the album.
A masterpiece of contemporary progressive rock.
Review by tribeca 12 years ago <Permalink>
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 1974
English/British Epic Prog Rock
Don't be scared of this album. The lyrics can be deconstructed in a couple of different ways. Exploring identity and the choices we make in life is the simple one but there are many references to classic literature as well. In all probability, like a David Lynch film, there can be many meanings to many people. I don't think you could ever describe it as difficult or ambiguous though and aside from the improvisation of 'The Waiting Room' the album defines the art of the concept ideology in a way that releagates Topographic Oceans to skimming the surface.

Don't get me wrong Topographic Oceans is a 10/10 album but obviously pretentious. The Lamb is the godfather of punk in it's realism. Look at the imagery and tell me PG wasn't 4/5 years ahead of his time with the RAEL depiction.

Side 4 is my preferred returning point with Colony of Slippermen, Riding The Scree, In The Rapids being possibly my favourite section of music of all time.
Review by tribeca 12 years ago <Permalink>
IT - Departure 2009
Prog Album Oriented Rock
Their gritty and satirical themes don't leave any room for myths or fantasy. In Burn (part 2) they have managed to cut and paste a Bush speech with hilarious (but tellingly accurate) results.

The Lyrics are intelligent, challenging and occasionally darkly humorous. The bottom line is that the IT experience will inform your thinking, feelings and memory long after the last notes have ended. Did i mention the music? Ahem well, as a prog rock fan i've been waiting for something like this to come along for ages. There are singles on here that should be getting decent airplay - God Is Dead and the 1st single Killing Me are two examples of how to make a commercially viable 4 minute song while at the same time not departing (no pun intended) from the feel and flow of the album. ... -> show full review
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Premiata Forneria Marconi - Chocolate Kings 1975
 12 years ago
Italian Symphonic Prog Album Oriented Rock
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 1974
 12 years ago
English/British Epic Prog Rock
IT - Over and Out 2002
 12 years ago
Neo Prog Album Oriented Rock
Yes - The Yes Album 1971
 12 years ago
Camel - The Snow Goose 1975
 12 years ago
Camel - Moonmadness 1976
 12 years ago
Yes - Relayer 1974
 12 years ago
Genesis - Foxtrot 1972
 12 years ago
The Enid - Tears Of The Sun 1999
 12 years ago
Symphonic Prog Rock
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