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Comment by progleggs 14 years ago
Edensong - The Fruit Fallen 2008
Eclectic Prog Rock
A great listen in its entirety. Both musically and lyrically smart and powerful. Every song stands on its own and interest is held from song to song. The opener "Water run" offers only a glimpse of what is to come as the album unfolds with the delicate intertwining of violin, cello and flute into the mix. "Baptism" offers unique, rich and varied musical textures and raises the level of anticipation. Although quieted by the most accessable track on the disc "Reflection" the best is still yet to come. "Nocturne" is lierally and artistically redemptive with classic prog meanderings and uplifting climax. "Sixth day" is intellectually and spiritually challenging and also epically climactic. The relatively short "One breath to breathe" offers one of the most haunting combinations of music and lyrics out there and "Reunion" along with its bonus track "To see but not believe" (21 minutes in length)is prog at its most complete, including elements from the 70s to date. "The fruit fallen" cannot be absorbed with a single listen. Nor even with several listens as musical surprise and nuance keep appearing. Wonderful composition and a breath of fresh air blowing in on the prog landscape.
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