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Comment by atticthought 12 years ago
Bo Hansson - Attic Thoughts 1975
Nordic Atmospheric Prog Rock
Swedish brilliance on Hansson's best solo effort. If only more people could look beyond his debut Lord of The Rings. This is a richly woven aural tapestry encapsulating all that was progressive in the 70's.
Review by atticthought 12 years ago <Permalink>
Steve Hackett - Voyage of the Acolyte 1975
English/British Eclectic Experimental Prog Rock
nbsp;People keep saying this was the one album Genesis never released. what a load of [&*!#]e!!! This was the first album released by Steve Hackett and while we all know he did not get enough creative ' airplay' in Genesis this is a ligitimate solo album by one of the most talented guitarists of our time. Do not forget Genesis were prolific at this time, personeel changes and all. Albums were relentlessley released to standing ovations. However Mr. Hackett started to exert his own individuality and what smacks from the first track is that he went head first into collabotating with his peers as well as other notable artists of that time to help create this genuine masterpiece. Never ever to be surpassed again apart from maybe ' Spectral Morning'. There is no point in mentioning each track laboriously showering praise all over them as each one is unique, continuous play and simply awesome. The mood and emotion is unique as is Kim Poor's moving artwork. Star of Sirius though stands up there with the great prog rock creations of all time. Nine out of 10 is a sure thing.
Review by atticthought 12 years ago <Permalink>
Tangerine Dream - Madcap's Flaming Duty 2007
Atmospheric Prog Album Oriented Rock/Electronic
Well it has been a very long time coming as in purchasing some recent Tangerine Dream material, however by giving Madcap's Flaming Duty some dutiful listening I decided to invest in the full CD version. I am not disappointed as if there is any accusation that TD do not reinvent themsleves then this is proof to the contrary as was the Tyger and Cyclone releases in bygone years. This is a richly laden vocally driven album and whilst the music resembles Froese's works mainly the vocals are so well done the album holds up really strongly overall. A great TD release sounding fresh and great vocal work from Chris Hausl. There are some excellent Celtic influences also especially on ' Lake of The Pontchartrain'. Other highlights would have to be ' Hymn to Intellectual Beauty', ' Dream of Death' and ' Shape of Sin' If you like this album you will also enjoy Infinite Symphony by Clearlight Symphony. Similar in many respects and quality vocals which is a winning formula to change! 9/10.
Comment by atticthought 12 years ago
Camel - Mirage 1974
Symphonic Prog Rock
sublime, one of camel's finest
Comment by atticthought 12 years ago
Genesis - Genesis 1983
Prog Album Oriented Rock
Underappreciated follow up to Abacab, Solid 80's Genesis sound.
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