Steven Wilson United Kingdom

9104 Cynical/Thoughtful3 Partially Instrumental2 Minimalistic3/Dynamic3 English7 Highly Progressive82 Experimental4 Rock70/Pop7
[Mix-Hi-Def-Stereo, Improvisation3, Mix-5.12, Magnificent Production31, Magnificent Songwriting29, Magnificent Musicianship29, Magnificent Lyrics25, Magnificent Composition29, Life5, Society2, Identity6, Keyboard16, Percussion13, Synth3, Clean Male Vocals23 and Clean Female Vocals5]
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cover-artCynical Non-Progressive4 Rock4/Pop2
[Magnificent Production, Ok Songwriting, Ok Musicianship, Mediocre Lyrics, Mediocre Coverart, Keyboard, Percussion, Clean Male Vocals and Clean Female Vocals]
85 To the Bone 2017
Prog5 Rock5/Pop2
[Magnificent Production2, Great Musicianship2, Great Songwriting2, Great Composition2, Great Lyrics2, Synth, Keyboard, Harmonica and Clean Male Vocals]
87 4 1/2 2016
Lively/Smooth Dense/Melodic English Prog5 Modern Rock5
[Great Production, Great Musicianship, Great Composition, Good Lyrics, Good Songwriting, Life, Society, Identity, Keyboard2, Percussion2, Saxophone, Clean Male Vocals2 and Clean Female Vocals2]
cover-artLively/Driving Groovy/Creative English Progressive9 Modern Rock8
[Magnificent Production4, Magnificent Lyrics4, Magnificent Songwriting4, Magnificent Composition4, Magnificent Musicianship4, Life, Identity, Philosophy, Keyboard2, Organ, Piano, Clean Male Vocals2 and Clean Female Vocals2]
cover-artBleak/Cold Dynamic/Heavy English Prog11 Avant-Garde Rock10/Independent
[Improvisation, Magnificent Production3, Magnificent Musicianship3, Magnificent Lyrics3, Magnificent Composition3, Magnificent Songwriting3, Life, Esoterism, Identity, Saxophone2, Flute2, Organ2, Piano2 and Clean Male Vocals3]
cover-artDark3/Ominous Eclectic3/Epic English2 Prog12 Experimental3 Rock9/Independent
[Mix-Hi-Def-Stereo, Mix-5.12, Great Production4, Great Composition4, Great Songwriting4, Good Coverart4, Good Musicianship4, Identity, Philosophy, Psychology, Flute3, Piano3, Saxophone2 and Clean Male Vocals4]
835 Insurgentes 2009
Melancholic4/Thoughtful Dynamic2/Experimental English Progressive18 Math3 Rock13/Electronic4
[Magnificent Production11, Great Musicianship9, Great Songwriting9, Great Composition9, Great Lyrics7, Life, Society, Esoterism, Saxophone2, Piano2, Synth2 and Clean Male Vocals5]
cover-artPartially Instrumental Non-Progressive2 Rock/Soundscape
[Mediocre Production, Bad Musicianship, Bad Composition, Bad Songwriting and Keyboard]
6 Altamont 1983
Ambient Non-Progressive2 Rock/New-Age
[Ok Musicianship, Mediocre Lyrics, Mediocre Production, Mediocre Composition, Bad Songwriting, Keyboard and Clean Male Vocals]
9 Drive Home 2013
Prog2 Rock2
[Magnificent Production, Magnificent Songwriting, Magnificent Musicianship, Great Lyrics, Great Composition, Saxophone, Keyboard, Percussion and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artProg3 Rock3
[Magnificent Songwriting, Great Production, Great Musicianship, Great Composition, Good Lyrics, Keyboard, Percussion and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artProg Rock
cover-artHighly Progressive2 Rock2
cover-artProg Rock
72 Cover Version 2014
Light/Gentle Melodic/Creative English Moderately Progressive3 Modern Rock3/Independent
[Great Production, Good Lyrics, Good Composition, Good Musicianship, Ok Songwriting, Life, Identity, Psychology, Acoustic-Guitar2 and Clean Male Vocals2]
cover-artProg2 Rock2