Birds and Buildings United States

821 Lively/Driving Mostly Instrumental Modern/Eclectic7 Highly Progressive14 Rock12/Jazz
[Improvisation, Magnificent Musicianship4, Great Composition3, Great Production4, Great Songwriting3, Good Coverart3, Saxophone4, Violin, Keyboard4, Clean Male Vocals4 and Clean Female Vocals3]
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cover-artEclectic2 Highly Progressive4 Rock3
[Magnificent Musicianship, Great Composition, Great Production, Great Songwriting, Good Coverart, Saxophone, Violin, Keyboard, Clean Male Vocals and Clean Female Vocals]
cover-artLively/Driving Mostly Instrumental Modern/Eclectic5 Progressive10 Rock9/Jazz
[Improvisation, Magnificent Musicianship3, Great Production3, Great Songwriting2, Great Composition2, Good Coverart2, Saxophone3, Keyboard3, Flute2 and Clean Male Vocals3]