Lunatic Soul Poland

938 Meditative/Melancholic4 Atmospheric5/Minimalistic4 Progressive35 Post6 Rock31/Electronic6
[Magnificent Production13, Magnificent Songwriting13, Great Musicianship13, Great Composition13, Great Lyrics12, Death2, Keyboard8, Synth4, Percussion7, Male Vocal Effects/Noises2, Clean Male Vocals12 and Processed Vocals]
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cover-artProg3 Rock3
[Magnificent Production, Great Songwriting, Great Musicianship, Great Composition, Good Lyrics, Keyboard and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artProg3 Rock3
[Great Production, Good Composition, Good Musicianship, Good Songwriting, Ok Lyrics, Synth, Keyboard, Percussion and Clean Male Vocals]
93 Fractured 2017
Prog3 Rock3
[Magnificent Production, Magnificent Songwriting, Great Lyrics, Great Musicianship, Great Composition, Keyboard, Percussion and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artProgressive6 Rock5
[Awesome Production2, Great Musicianship2, Great Songwriting2, Great Lyrics2, Great Coverart2, Keyboard, Percussion and Clean Male Vocals]
83 Impressions 2011
Progressive3 Post Rock3
[Great Production, Great Songwriting, Good Musicianship, Good Lyrics, Good Composition, Keyboard and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artMeditative/Melancholic Atmospheric2/Acoustic3 Progressive6 Post3 Rock6/Metal
[Great Musicianship3, Great Composition3, Great Production3, Great Lyrics3, Great Songwriting3, Death, Flute2, Synth2, Percussion2, Male Vocal Effects/Noises2 and Clean Male Vocals3]
814 Lunatic Soul 2008
Melancholic3/Calm2 Eclectic4/Atmospheric3 Progressive11 Post2 Rock8
[Great Composition4, Great Musicianship4, Great Songwriting4, Great Production4, Good Lyrics3, Death, Keyboard3, Flute2, Percussion2, Clean Male Vocals4 and Processed Vocals]