Magma France

10111 Weird4/Bleak2 Classic11/Original4 French13 Highly Progressive57 Art6 Zeuhl89/Fusion11
[Magnificent Musicianship25, Magnificent Composition21, Magnificent Production25, Magnificent Songwriting21, Magnificent Coverart21, Concept Album5, Science-Fiction, Piano17, Percussion19, Keyboard8, Clean Male Vocals15, Clean Female Vocals11, Male Theatrical Vocals18, Female Operatic Vocals4, Falsetto9 and Male Operatic Vocals5]
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Kãrtëhl 2022
cover-artProgressive Zeuhl2
[Magnificent Musicianship, Magnificent Composition, Great Production, Good Songwriting, Ok Coverart, Piano, Percussion, Clean Male Vocals and Clean Female Vocals]
8 Slag Tanz 2015
Progressive Zeuhl2
cover-artProgressive Zeuhl2
[Great Composition, Great Musicianship, Good Production, Good Songwriting, Mediocre Coverart, Keyboard, Percussion, Clean Male Vocals and Clean Female Vocals]
cover-artBleak/Flashy Modern/Creative French Progressive5 Art Zeuhl4/Fusion
[Magnificent Musicianship, Great Composition, Great Coverart, Great Production, Great Songwriting, Concept Album, Piano, Keyboard, Clean Male Vocals and Clean Female Vocals]
97 K.A 2004
Flashy/Pompous Epic/Groovy French Progressive3 Zeuhl4/Jazz
[Magnificent Lyrics, Magnificent Coverart, Magnificent Production, Magnificent Composition, Magnificent Songwriting, Concept Album, Piano, Epiano, Percussion, Clean Male Vocals, Clean Female Vocals and Male Theatrical Vocals]
55 Merci 1984
Lively/Smooth Modern/Melodic French Progressive3 Zeuhl4/Jazz
[Good Production, Ok Musicianship, Mediocre Coverart, Bad Lyrics, Bad Songwriting, Saxophone2, Piano2, Synth2, Epiano2, Clean Male Vocals2 and Clean Female Vocals2]
87 Attahk 1978
Trippy/Driving Groovy/Creative French Progressive5 Funk2 Zeuhl5/Fusion4
[Good Musicianship2, Ok Production2, Ok Songwriting2, Ok Coverart2, Ok Composition2, Piano2, Trumpet2, Trombone2 and Percussion2]
Inédits 1977
89 Üdü Wüdü 1976
Haunting2/Dark Classic3/Innovative2 Progressive5 Art2 Zeuhl5/Jazz2
[Awesome Musicianship2, Good Production2, Great Composition, Good Songwriting, Ok Coverart, Saxophone2, Flute2, Piano2, Keyboard2, Falsetto3, Male Theatrical Vocals3, Clean Male Vocals2 and Male Operatic Vocals2]
77 Köhntarkösz 1974
Tense/Trippy Avant-Garde2/Technical French Progressive4 Art2 Zeuhl4/Independent
[Good Songwriting, Good Musicianship, Good Coverart, Good Composition, Mediocre Production, Concept Album2, Cello2, Organ2, Piano2, Clean Female Vocals2 and Male Theatrical Vocals2]
cover-artProgressive3 Zeuhl3
[Good Musicianship2, Good Composition2, Good Songwriting2, Ok Production2, Mediocre Coverart2, Saxophone, Violin, Trumpet, Male Operatic Vocals and Female Operatic Vocals]
cover-artWeird3/Surreal2 Classic3/Original2 Highly Progressive8 Avant-Garde2 Zeuhl7/Jazz2
[Magnificent Musicianship3, Great Production3, Good Songwriting2, Good Composition2, Mediocre Coverart2, Science-Fiction, Flute2, Organ2, Piano2, Male Theatrical Vocals4, Falsetto3, Female Theatrical Vocals3 and Male Operatic Vocals2]
cover-artDark2/Cold Classic2/Freeform2 Progressive5 Avant-Garde Zeuhl6/Fusion3
[Magnificent Musicianship3, Great Production3, Great Composition2, Mediocre Songwriting2, Mediocre Coverart2, Saxophone2, Flute2, Piano2, Trumpet2, Falsetto3, Male Theatrical Vocals3, Clean Male Vocals2 and Male Vocal Effects/Noises2]
98 Kobaïa 1970
Bizarre/Driving Groovy/Creative French Progressive5 Art Zeuhl5/Jazz
[Magnificent Composition2, Magnificent Musicianship2, Good Songwriting2, Ok Lyrics2, Ok Coverart2, Saxophone2, Flute2, Piano2 and Male Theatrical Vocals2]
French Progressive Zeuhl2
cover-artHighly Progressive Zeuhl2
[Magnificent Songwriting, Magnificent Lyrics, Magnificent Composition, Magnificent Musicianship and Great Production]
Classic2 Highly Progressive2 Avant-Garde Zeuhl4/Fusion
[Magnificent Musicianship3, Great Production3, Great Composition2, Good Songwriting2, Mediocre Coverart2, Concept Album, Saxophone, Violin, Male Theatrical Vocals and Female Operatic Vocals]
cover-artProgressive Zeuhl2
[Good Musicianship, Good Composition, Ok Production, Ok Songwriting, Mediocre Coverart, Saxophone, Flute, Violin, Clean Male Vocals and Clean Female Vocals]
93 Live/Hhai 1975
Weird Classic/Dynamic Progressive
Highly Progressive Zeuhl2
Highly Progressive Zeuhl2
Best of
Spiritual 2002
Simples 1998
Kompila 1997