Fromuz Uzbekistan

1029 Mostly Instrumental4 Eclectic4/Heavy Highly Progressive18 Post2 Rock14/Fusion2
[Improvisation, Perfect Musicianship10, Perfect Production9, Perfect Composition9, Perfect Songwriting8, Magnificent Coverart8, Keyboard6, Percussion4, Cello and Clean Male Vocals3]
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cover-artEclectic Progressive2 Rock2
[Magnificent Musicianship, Magnificent Production, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Good Coverart, Keyboard, Percussion and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artPartially Instrumental Heavy Progressive Rock/Jazz
[Magnificent Composition, Magnificent Musicianship, Great Production, Great Songwriting, Good Coverart, Keyboard and Percussion]
cover-artProgressive Rock/Jazz
[Magnificent Musicianship, Magnificent Production, Magnificent Composition, Great Songwriting, Great Lyrics, Keyboard, Percussion and Clean Male Vocals]
88 Seventh Story 2010
Eclectic3 Progressive7 Rock4/Fusion2
[Great Musicianship4, Great Production3, Great Composition3, Great Songwriting2, Good Lyrics2 and Keyboard]
810 Overlook 2008
Mostly Instrumental3 Quirky/Symphonic Highly Progressive4 Rock4
[Magnificent Coverart, Magnificent Musicianship, Great Production, Great Composition and Great Songwriting]
cover-artDynamic/Virtuosic Progressive2 Post2 Rock2/Jazz
[Improvisation, Great Musicianship, Great Coverart, Great Composition, Good Production, Good Songwriting and Keyboard]
Progressive Metal
[Perfect Production, Perfect Composition, Perfect Songwriting, Perfect Musicianship, Magnificent Coverart, Cello, Keyboard, Percussion and Clean Male Vocals]