Faith No More United States

947 Aggressive5/Lively3 Modern12/Alternative13 Moderately Progressive25 Neo Rock21/Metal22
[Magnificent Production6, Magnificent Musicianship6, Great Lyrics6, Great Composition6, Great Songwriting8, Life7, Society2, Identity5, Keyboard11, Percussion2, Clean Male Vocals12, Male Theatrical Vocals9, Male Atonal Screaming3, Male Melodic Shouting and Male Rap4]
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82 Sol Invictus 2015
Lively/Driving Dense/Modern Non-Progressive2 Alternative Rock2
[Magnificent Production, Great Lyrics, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Great Musicianship, Life, Society, Identity, Keyboard, Percussion and Clean Male Vocals2]
cover-artLively/Smooth Modern3/Creative Slightly Progressive3 Experimental2 Metal3/Rock
[Great Songwriting, Great Musicianship, Good Lyrics, Good Coverart, Good Production, Life, Identity, Philosophy, Keyboard, Male Theatrical Vocals3, Clean Male Vocals and Male Atonal Screaming]
cover-artAggressive2/Weird2 Modern3/Eclectic3 Moderately Progressive3 Experimental2 Metal4/Rock2
[Good Coverart, Good Production, Good Musicianship, Good Lyrics, Good Composition, Life, Identity, Philosophy, Keyboard, Clean Male Vocals3, Male Atonal Screaming2 and Male Theatrical Vocals2]
813 Angel Dust 1992
Sarcastic3/Humorous2 Modern4/Alternative4 Slightly Progressive8 Neo Rock9/Metal6
[Great Composition, Great Musicianship, Ok Songwriting3, Great Lyrics, Great Production, Life, Society, Identity, Clean Male Vocals and Male Melodic Shouting]
912 The Real Thing 1989
Surreal/Humorous Modern/Funky4 Non-Progressive7 Alternative4 Metal8/Rock5
[Magnificent Musicianship, Great Coverart, Great Production, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Life2, Psychology2, Esoterism, Keyboard3, Clean Male Vocals4, Male Rap4 and Male Theatrical Vocals2]
cover-artLively/Driving Funky/Heavy Non-Progressive2 Alternative2 Rock2/Metal
[Good Coverart, Good Production, Good Musicianship, Ok Composition, Ok Songwriting, Life, Identity, Relationships, Keyboard, Percussion, Male Theatrical Vocals2 and Clean Male Vocals]