The Dear Hunter United States

933 Thoughtful2/Trippy Modern4/Melodic3 Prog39 Alternative2 Rock40/Pop2
[Magnificent Production5, Magnificent Musicianship5, Magnificent Songwriting4, Great Coverart5, Great Lyrics5, Concept Album3, Life, Society, Keyboard4, Percussion2, Acoustic-Guitar and Clean Male Vocals6]
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8 Antimai 2022
Thoughtful/Trippy Progressive Rock
cover-artProg4 Rock4
[Magnificent Production2, Awesome Musicianship2, Great Coverart2, Great Lyrics2, Great Composition2, Keyboard, Percussion, Acoustic-Guitar and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artProg3 Rock3
[Magnificent Production, Magnificent Songwriting, Magnificent Musicianship, Great Lyrics, Great Composition, Violin, Keyboard and Clean Male Vocals]
8 Migrant 2013
Prog Rock
Prog4 Rock4
[Great Production, Good Composition, Good Songwriting, Good Musicianship, Good Lyrics, Concept Album, Keyboard, Percussion and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artModern/Melodic Prog5 Alternative Rock4/Pop2
[Good Composition, Good Songwriting, Ok Lyrics, Ok Coverart, Ok Production and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artAlternative/Melodic2 Prog5 Modern2 Rock6
[Concept Album and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artDriving/Energetic Modern/Creative Prog4 Neo Rock4
[Life, Society, Concept Album, Organ, Trumpet, Keyboard and Clean Male Vocals]
Prog Rock
Prog Rock
White 2011
Prog Rock
Yellow 2011
Prog Rock
Orange 2011
Prog Rock
Violet 2011
Prog Rock
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Prog Rock
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Prog Rock
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Prog Rock
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Prog Rock
Black 2011
Prog Rock
Prog Rock2