Slayer United States

1041 Agitated3/Rough3 Classic4/Noisy2 Slightly Progressive28 Thrash Metal24
[Twin-Leads, Magnificent Songwriting8, Magnificent Musicianship8, Magnificent Composition8, Magnificent Coverart7, Awesome Production8, Nihilism10, Violence10, War7, Male Melodic Shouting18, Male Atonal Screaming7 and Clean Male Vocals]
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8 Repentless 2015
Non-Progressive Thrash Metal
[Twin-Leads, Great Production, Great Musicianship, Good Composition, Good Songwriting, Ok Lyrics and Male Melodic Shouting]
cover-artAggressive2 Non-Progressive2 Thrash Metal2
[Awesome Production2, Great Musicianship2, Great Composition2, Good Lyrics2, Good Songwriting2 and Male Atonal Screaming2]
cover-artBrutal2/Aggressive2 Fast3/Heavy Non-Progressive3 Thrash Metal3
[Nihilism2, War3, Anti-Establishment2 and Male Melodic Shouting3]
cover-artAggressive2/Brutal2 Fast2 Non-Progressive2 Thrash Metal2
[Anti-Establishment2 and Death]
cover-artDark/Harsh Dense/Heavy Non-Progressive2 Thrash Metal2
[Great Production2, Ok Musicianship2, Bad Composition2, Ok Lyrics, Bad Songwriting2, Horror, Explicit, Identity and Male Melodic Shouting2]
Harsh/Agitated Heavy/Shred Non-Progressive Death Metal
[Death, Horror, Society and Male Melodic Shouting]
cover-artAggressive2/Dark Classic2/Shred2 Non-Progressive6 Thrash Metal5
[Great Songwriting, Great Production, Great Composition, Great Musicianship, Good Lyrics, Violence2, Death, Horror, Male Melodic Shouting3 and Male Atonal Screaming2]
cover-artEvil2/Rough Shred2/Heavy Non-Progressive4 Thrash Metal4
[Great Musicianship, Great Production, Good Composition, Good Songwriting, Ok Lyrics, Death2, Horror, Violence and Male Melodic Shouting3]
cover-artAgitated/Fierce Classic2/Dissonant3 Non-Progressive4 Thrash Metal4
[Magnificent Songwriting, Magnificent Coverart, Magnificent Composition, Magnificent Musicianship, Great Lyrics, Nihilism3, Violence3, Death2, Male Atonal Screaming3 and Male Melodic Shouting]
92 Hell Awaits 1985
Fierce/Menacing Dense/Heavy Slightly Progressive2 Death Metal
[Death, Horror, Violence and Male Melodic Shouting]
10 Show No Mercy 1983
Dark/Evil Heavy/Noisy Non-Progressive Thrash Metal
[Horror, Violence, Nihilism, Clean Male Vocals and Male Melodic Shouting]