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988 Driving3/Aggressive11 Technical25/Groovy5 Highly Progressive63 Modern9 Extreme Metal22/Electronic3
[Magnificent Production20, Magnificent Songwriting19, Magnificent Composition19, Magnificent Musicianship20, Magnificent Coverart20, Science-Fiction3, Politics2, Nature2, Keyboard5, Percussion6, Clean Male Vocals10, Male Melodic Shouting22, Male Theatrical Vocals2 and Male Atonal Screaming12]
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cover-artTechnical2 Progressive2 Extreme Metal
[Magnificent Production, Great Songwriting, Great Composition, Great Musicianship, Good Lyrics, Keyboard, Percussion, Clean Male Vocals and Male Melodic Shouting]
cover-artFierce/Lively Technical/Dense Progressive4 Extreme Metal
[Great Composition, Great Musicianship, Good Coverart, Good Production, Good Songwriting, Horror, Society, Identity, Percussion, Clean Male Vocals and Male Melodic Shouting]
cover-artHarsh/Agitated Technical2/Dense Progressive3 Modern Extreme Metal
[Good Coverart2, Great Musicianship, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Good Lyrics, Horror, Esoterism, Identity, Keyboard, Percussion, Male Melodic Shouting2 and Clean Male Vocals]
95 The Hunter 2011
Fierce/Furious Technical/Heavy Progressive5 Stoner Extreme Metal3
[Magnificent Musicianship, Great Composition, Great Lyrics, Great Production, Great Songwriting, Horror, Fantasy, Ancient-Myths, Percussion2, Keyboard, Male Melodic Shouting2 and Clean Male Vocals]
938 Crack the Skye 2009
Driving2/Aggressive2 Epic4/Groovy2 Progressive22 Art3 Sludge7/Electronic3
[Magnificent Composition11, Great Production11, Magnificent Songwriting11, Great Musicianship11, Good Coverart11, Politics2, Science-Fiction2, Alchemy, Keyboard2, Percussion, Clean Male Vocals6, Male Melodic Shouting6 and Male Theatrical Vocals2]
813 Blood Mountain 2006
Harsh/Rough Technical2/Quirky2 Progressive7 Modern3 Extreme Metal2/Independent2
[Magnificent Coverart, Magnificent Production, Magnificent Composition, Magnificent Songwriting, Magnificent Musicianship, Horror, Fantasy, Esoterism and Male Melodic Shouting2]
915 Leviathan 2004
Dark/Rough Technical4/Quirky2 Progressive8 Modern2 Extreme Metal2
[Great Musicianship2, Great Coverart2, Good Production2, Good Composition2, Good Songwriting2, Nature2, Concept Album3, Water, Male Atonal Screaming4 and Male Melodic Shouting4]
87 Remission 2002
Aggressive3/Rough Quirky2/Technical4 Progressive7 Modern3 Thrash Metal3
[Great Musicianship2, Great Production2, Ok Coverart, Ok Composition, Ok Songwriting, Horror, Esoterism, Nihilism, Male Melodic Shouting3 and Male Atonal Screaming3]
Lifesblood 2001
Technical Highly Progressive Extreme Metal
cover-artTechnical Highly Progressive Extreme Metal
Best of
cover-artRough/Brutal Technical/Heavy Non-Progressive3 Post Extreme Metal
[War, Water, Horror and Male Melodic Shouting]