Anekdoten Sweden

960 Dark10/Haunting3 Modern13/Heavy27 Nordic6 Highly Progressive46 Art5 Rock44/Electronic
[Retro6, Magnificent Songwriting10, Magnificent Musicianship10, Magnificent Production10, Magnificent Composition10, Great Coverart10, Life4, Esoterism2, Identity3, Keyboard4, Mellotron8, Percussion4, Female Vocal Effects/Noises2, Clean Male Vocals12, Clean Female Vocals4, Layered Vocals2 and Processed Vocals]
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cover-artDark3/Haunting2 Heavy4 Nordic3 Prog8 Rock7
[Magnificent Production3, Magnificent Songwriting3, Magnificent Musicianship3, Magnificent Composition3, Good Coverart3, Keyboard, Mellotron, Percussion, Female Vocal Effects/Noises2, Clean Male Vocals3, Clean Female Vocals2, Layered Vocals2 and Processed Vocals]
810 A Time of Day 2007
Modern3/Symphonic3 Progressive8 Rock8
[Retro3, Magnificent Musicianship, Great Production, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Great Coverart, Mellotron3 and Clean Male Vocals2]
910 Gravity 2003
Bleak/Driving Modern4/Heavy4 Nordic Progressive8 Art Rock7
[Retro, Awesome Musicianship2, Great Production2, Great Composition2, Great Songwriting2, Great Coverart2, Life, Esoterism, Identity, Organ, Keyboard, Mellotron and Clean Male Vocals3]
810 From Within 1999
Dark Modern2/Heavy5 Progressive7 Art Rock7
[Retro, Magnificent Musicianship2, Great Composition2, Great Songwriting2, Good Lyrics2, Good Coverart2, Keyboard and Clean Male Vocals]
912 Nucleus 1995
Dark4/Bleak Modern2/Heavy4 Nordic Progressive7 Art2 Rock6/Electronic
[Retro, Magnificent Songwriting, Magnificent Musicianship, Magnificent Composition, Great Lyrics, Great Production, Life, Esoterism, Identity, Cello, Organ, Violin, Clean Male Vocals and Clean Female Vocals]
98 Vemod 1993
Calm/Cold Modern2/Heavy3 Nordic Progressive4 Art Rock5
[Great Lyrics, Great Coverart, Great Production, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Life2, Water2, Identity, Piano2, Mellotron2, Percussion2, Clean Male Vocals2 and Clean Female Vocals]
Heavy Highly Progressive Rock
cover-artHeavy Highly Progressive Rock
9 Live EP 1997
Heavy Highly Progressive Rock
Best of
Chapters 2009
Heavy Highly Progressive Rock