Green Carnation Norway

938 Calm3/Somber2 Emotional3/Acoustic4 Nordic3 Progressive24 Modern10 Doom Metal2/Rock7
[Magnificent Production8, Magnificent Songwriting7, Magnificent Musicianship8, Magnificent Composition7, Great Lyrics5, Life2, Water, Esoterism, Keyboard4, Piano, Violin2, Clean Male Vocals9, Male Melodic Shouting4, Male Theatrical Vocals and Clean Female Vocals]
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cover-artProgressive2 Post2 Metal2
[Great Production, Great Songwriting, Great Musicianship, Good Lyrics, Good Composition, Keyboard and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artCalm2/Somber2 Acoustic3/Lush Nordic2 Progressive7 Modern3 Metal3/Rock4
[Magnificent Production, Magnificent Composition, Magnificent Songwriting, Magnificent Musicianship, Life, Water, Esoterism, Piano, Violin, Mellotron and Clean Male Vocals2]
cover-artDark/Melancholic Eclectic/Experimental Progressive2 Modern Metal2
[Great Production2, Great Musicianship2, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Good Coverart, Keyboard, Percussion, Clean Male Vocals2, Male Melodic Shouting2 and Male Theatrical Vocals]
cover-artMelancholic Experimental2/Lush Moderately Progressive2 Modern Metal2
[Great Musicianship, Great Production, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Good Lyrics, Keyboard, Slide-Guitar, Clean Male Vocals2 and Male Melodic Shouting2]
cover-artTechnical3/Experimental4 Progressive9 Modern4 Doom Metal2/Rock2
[Magnificent Musicianship2, Great Songwriting2, Great Composition2, Great Lyrics2, Great Production2, Violin, Keyboard, Clean Male Vocals and Clean Female Vocals]
cover-artAvant-Garde/Experimental Progressive Modern Metal
cover-artCalm Emotional/Acoustic Moderately Progressive Experimental Metal/Rock
[Magnificent Production, Magnificent Songwriting, Magnificent Musicianship, Magnificent Composition, Life and Clean Male Vocals]