Edensong United States

913 Mellow/Uplifting Modern2/Eclectic8 Highly Progressive11 Rock10
[Magnificent Songwriting5, Magnificent Musicianship5, Magnificent Production5, Magnificent Composition3, Magnificent Lyrics2, Life, Environment, Cello, Flute2, Keyboard, Clean Male Vocals3 and Male Melodic Shouting2]
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cover-artEclectic2 Highly Progressive4 Rock4
[Magnificent Songwriting2, Magnificent Musicianship2, Magnificent Production2, Magnificent Composition2, Great Lyrics, Cello, Flute, Keyboard and Clean Male Vocals]
cover-artEclectic Highly Progressive Rock
cover-artMellow/Uplifting Modern2/Eclectic5 Progressive6 Rock5
[Magnificent Songwriting3, Magnificent Production3, Magnificent Musicianship3, Magnificent Lyrics, Magnificent Composition, Life, Environment, Flute, Male Melodic Shouting2 and Clean Male Vocals2]