Nick Drake United Kingdom

921 Calm2/Relaxed2 Classic5/Emotional6 English3 Non-Progressive9 Neo Singer-Songwriter8/Rock3
[Magnificent Songwriting3, Great Lyrics3, Great Musicianship3, Good Production3, Good Composition3, Life3, Esoterism2, Identity3, Piano6, Acoustic-Guitar6, Saxophone2, Electric Bass (Guitar)4, Drums2, Flute and Clean Male Vocals6]
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912 Pink Moon 1972
Calm/Relaxed Classic3/Emotional4 English Non-Progressive4 Neo Singer-Songwriter4/Rock
[Good Coverart2, Great Lyrics, Great Songwriting, Good Musicianship, Ok Production, Life, Esoterism, Identity, Piano2, Acoustic-Guitar2 and Clean Male Vocals2]
94 Bryter Layter 1970
Calm/Gentle Acoustic2/Poetic English Non-Progressive2 Folk2 Singer-Songwriter2/Rock
[Magnificent Songwriting, Great Lyrics, Great Musicianship, Good Composition, Ok Production, Air, Life, Identity, Saxophone2, Electric Bass (Guitar)2, Drums2, Piano2, Acoustic-Guitar2, Flute and Clean Male Vocals2]
cover-artGentle/Mellow Classic2/Poetic2 English Non-Progressive3 Folk3 Pop/Rock
[Great Lyrics, Great Songwriting, Good Production, Good Musicianship, Good Composition, Life, Esoterism, Identity, Piano2, Percussion2, Acoustic-Guitar2, Violin and Clean Male Vocals2]