Cynic United States

941 Spiritual2/Tense2 Creative4/Original3 Highly Progressive27 Neo Extreme Metal13/Fusion3
[Magnificent Musicianship8, Great Production7, Great Composition7, Great Songwriting7, Great Lyrics5, Spirituality2, Esoterism4, Identity3, Keyboard6, Percussion6, Synth4, Clean Male Vocals9, Male Atonal Screaming, Clean Female Vocals6, Male Growling6, Male Vocal Effects/Noises6 and Male Melodic Shouting]
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cover-artProgressive Extreme Metal
[Great Musicianship, Great Production, Good Coverart, Good Composition, Ok Lyrics, Keyboard, Percussion, Clean Male Vocals and Male Atonal Screaming]
cover-artTense/Driving Technical2/Shred Progressive4 Modern2 Metal3
[Good Coverart2, Great Production, Great Composition, Great Musicianship, Great Lyrics, Esoterism, Identity, Psychology and Clean Male Vocals2]
919 Traced In Air 2008
Spiritual/Rough Technical5/Heavy2 Progressive9 Modern2 Extreme Metal3
[Great Composition4, Great Songwriting4, Great Production4, Great Musicianship4, Good Coverart2, Spirituality, Horror, Esoterism, Percussion2, Keyboard, Male Growling3, Male Vocal Effects/Noises3, Clean Male Vocals2, Clean Female Vocals2 and Male Melodic Shouting]
811 Focus 1994
Tense/Smooth Original3/Technical5 Progressive6 Neo Death Metal3
[Magnificent Musicianship2, Great Songwriting, Good Coverart, Good Composition, Good Production, Esoterism, Identity, Spirituality, Synth2, Keyboard2, Percussion2, Clean Female Vocals3, Male Growling3, Male Vocal Effects/Noises3 and Clean Male Vocals2]
cover-artDriving/Surreal Technical/Ambient Progressive3 Modern Extreme Metal/Fusion
[Synth, Keyboard, Percussion, Clean Male Vocals and Clean Female Vocals]
74 Re-Traced 2010
Dreamy/Smooth Technical2/Virtuosic Highly Progressive4 Space2 Metal3/Rock2
[Esoterism, Identity, Philosophy, Synth, Keyboard and Clean Male Vocals]