Cream United Kingdom

916 Driving3/Energetic Classic6/Psychedelic7 English4 Moderately Progressive12 Rock-n-Roll3/Blues7
[Improvisation, Magnificent Songwriting6, Magnificent Musicianship6, Magnificent Lyrics5, Great Composition6, Good Production6, Life3, Politics, Philosophy3, Harmonica6, Piano2, Percussion2 and Clean Male Vocals10]
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cover-artDriving/Energetic Heavy/Groovy English Slightly Progressive2 Rock2/Blues
[Improvisation, Magnificent Lyrics, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Great Musicianship, Good Coverart, Life, Politics, Philosophy, Harmonica and Clean Male Vocals2]
cover-artTrippy2/Driving Classic4/Heavy3 English2 Slightly Progressive6 Hard Rock2
[Magnificent Musicianship2, Great Songwriting2, Great Composition2, Great Lyrics, Ok Production2, Life, Fantasy, Identity, Piano2, Harmonica2, Percussion2 and Clean Male Vocals4]
93 Fresh Cream 1966
Lively/Driving Classic2/Groovy2 English Non-Progressive2 Hard Rock2/Blues2
[Magnificent Songwriting, Magnificent Musicianship, Great Composition, Good Lyrics, Good Production, Life, Identity, Philosophy, Harmonica2 and Clean Male Vocals2]
cover-artPsychedelic Moderately Progressive Rock-n-Roll
[Great Musicianship, Great Lyrics, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Good Production, Harmonica and Clean Male Vocals]
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cover-artModerately Progressive Rock-n-Roll
[Great Lyrics, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Great Musicianship, Good Production and Clean Male Vocals]