Agalloch United States

950 Bleak6/Dark5 Modern9/Dynamic3 Progressive27 Post15 Extreme Metal2/Independent2
[Great Songwriting3, Great Musicianship3, Good Production3, Good Coverart, Ok Lyrics, Earth2, Alchemy, Environment3, Cello, Piano, Acoustic-Guitar3, Male Growling5, Male Theatrical Vocals2 and Clean Male Vocals2]
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cover-artBleak/Ominous Post/Creative Moderately Progressive2 Art Doom Metal
[Earth, Alchemy, Environment, Male Growling and Male Theatrical Vocals]
cover-artCold/Dark Dense/Heavy Progressive2 Post Extreme Metal
[Good Coverart, Ok Lyrics, Ok Songwriting, Mediocre Composition, Mediocre Musicianship, Horror, Nihilism, Philosophy, Cello, Piano, Acoustic-Guitar, Male Growling and Male Theatrical Vocals]
cover-artBleak2/Dark Modern2/Emotional4 Progressive7 Post6 Metal6/Independent
[Fire, Winter, Esoterism, Keyboard, Acoustic-Guitar and Male Growling]
913 The Mantle 2002
Bleak2/Melancholic2 Modern5/Experimental4 Progressive7 Post4 Black Metal3/Rock3
[Earth, Nature, Esoterism, Clean Male Vocals and Male Growling]
88 Pale Folklore 1999
Dark/Ominous Modern2/Dense Moderately Progressive4 Post Extreme Metal/Rock
[Esoterism, Philosophy, Psychology, Keyboard and Male Growling]
83 The White 2008
Bleak/Ominous Creative/Original Non-Progressive Art Independent
[Electric Bass (Guitar), Drums, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Acoustic-Guitar and Clean Male Vocals]
9 The Grey 2004
Atmospheric Progressive Post Rock
cover-artDark/Gloomy Heavy/Original Progressive2 Post Metal2
[Great Songwriting, Great Musicianship, Good Production, Esoterism, Identity, Philosophy and Keyboard]
Moderately Prog-Like
[Good Songwriting, Good Musicianship and Ok Production]