Xandria Germany

914 Symphonic10 Progressive14 Power Metal4
[Magnificent Songwriting5, Magnificent Musicianship5, Magnificent Lyrics5, Magnificent Production5, Great Composition5, Keyboard5, Percussion3, Violin, Clean Male Vocals, Clean Female Vocals4, Female Melodic Shouting4, Female Operatic Vocals and Male Melodic Shouting]
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cover-artSymphonic Non-Progressive Metal
cover-artSymphonic Non-Progressive2 Power Metal
[Magnificent Songwriting, Magnificent Lyrics, Magnificent Production, Magnificent Musicianship, Great Composition, Keyboard, Percussion, Clean Male Vocals, Clean Female Vocals and Female Melodic Shouting]
82 Sacrificum 2014
Symphonic Non-Progressive2 Power Metal
[Great Lyrics, Great Production, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Great Musicianship, Violin, Keyboard, Clean Female Vocals, Female Melodic Shouting and Female Operatic Vocals]
cover-artSymphonic Progressive2 Power Metal
[Magnificent Songwriting, Magnificent Musicianship, Magnificent Production, Great Lyrics, Great Coverart, Keyboard, Percussion and Clean Female Vocals]
9 India 2005
Symphonic Non-Progressive Metal
82 Ravenheart 2004
Symphonic2 Non-Progressive2 Metal2
[Great Production, Great Songwriting, Good Lyrics, Good Musicianship, Good Coverart, Keyboard, Percussion, Clean Female Vocals, Male Melodic Shouting and Female Melodic Shouting]
cover-artSymphonic Non-Progressive Metal
8 Kill The Sun 2003
Symphonic Non-Prog Metal
cover-artSymphonic Progressive2 Power Metal
[Magnificent Musicianship, Great Production, Great Composition, Great Songwriting, Great Lyrics, Keyboard and Female Melodic Shouting]