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I am a prog freak from Prog Archives.

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Review by andyman1125 10 years ago <Permalink>
Caligula's Horse - Moments From Ephemeral City 2011
Eclectic Prog Metal
Alone in the world…

Caligula’s Horse is an obscure, young, indie Australian eclectic progressive metal band. Started as a solo project for Quandary’s guitarist Sam Vallen, when vocalist Jim Grey joined the project, the band grew into a fully functioning project. Their debut album, Moments from Ephemeral City, fuses the melodic progressive rock/metal of the guitarist’s main band Quandary with the heavier metal of his aspirations for a truly eclectic brand of progressive metal. Each track fuses a great melodic diction with heavy bursts of fury with strong diversity running through the entire album. An overall powerhouse of modern progressive metal, and a fantastic and professional album as well, showing this band’s apparent maturity and (hopefully) lasting mark on the genre.

The City Has No Life opens the album, first light and jovial, with some nice guitar work. It soon transitions into a nice guitar solo, with some nice harmonizations between the guitars. Quickly it transcends into the throes of trepidation, throwing in heavier riffs and rhythms to back the accelerating solos. The song takes no prisoners, however, having no trouble in transitioning into a mellow and melodic section. Even from this, the song flies into the heavier spectrum yet again, only to transition again and again, keeping the listener tuned to the stereo as the band throws countless dynamic changes in this apparently highly diverse music. Even from the first track, one can see the alarming skill the band possesses, with effortless transitions and compositional goodies peppering the track the whole way through. Despite being harsh at times in a lyrical sense, it has use with accents on the harsh swears at the most opportune times, accentuating the music at the essential parts. Overall, the song perfectly displays this band’s vision, and ... -> show full review
Comment by andyman1125 10 years ago
Derek Sherinian - Blood Of The Snake 2006
Prog Fusion/Metal
A very fierce jazz/metal output by Sherinian, packed full of great tracks and strong writing.
Comment by andyman1125 10 years ago
Scale The Summit - The Collective 2011
Technical Prog Metal
Not as "adventurous" as their last effort, but switches to a more riff oriented sound. Very fun and fresh!
Comment by andyman1125 10 years ago
CyclamenListen - Senjyu 2010
Technical Prog Extreme Metal
A very intense and dynamic album full of quick shifts and great tracks. Overall a great album.
Comment by andyman1125 10 years ago
Ayreon - Universal Migrator 1: The Dream Sequencer 2000
Spacey Prog-Related Rock/Trance
A horrid collection of painfully boring atmospheric tracks with subpar melodies and very few high points, and the high points aren't very high.
Comment by andyman1125 10 years ago
Codeseven - Dancing Echoes/Dead Sounds 2004
Atmospheric Prog Independent/Rock
Another strong atmospheric and independent/alternative release from Codeseven.
Review by andyman1125 10 years ago <Permalink>
Codeseven - The Rescue 2002
Psychedelic Prog Independent/Grunge
The Rescue is Codesven switch from grunge nu-metal to a much lighter more psychedelic and progressive sound. The album features a strong sense of independence from any traditional form of music (except for indie music!). The band showcases their creative talents in songs like The sounds of Cyan and Magenta or Give it to Us. Overall, the album is a strong and promising release for the newly re formed Codeseven.
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Transatlantic - The Whirlwind 2009
Symphonic Prog Rock
Yes - Close to the Edge 1972
Symphonic Prog
Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning 2011
Experimental Prog Rock
Pat Metheny Group - The Way Up 2005
Symphonic Prog Fusion
Agalloch - The Mantle 2002
Experimental Minimalistic Prog Post Doom Metal/Rock
3 - The End is Begun 2007
Eclectic Prog Rock
Phideaux - Snowtorch 2011
Psychedelic Prog Rock
Look To Windward - Fortunes Haze 2010
Prog Metal
CyclamenListen - Senjyu 2010
Technical Prog Extreme Metal
Symphony X - Iconoclast 2011
Epic Prog Thrash Metal
Caligula's Horse - Moments From Ephemeral City 2011
Eclectic Prog Metal
Secondskin - Captive Audience 2010
Eclectic Prog Metal
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