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Country Romania
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2010 Metal
9.4 x1
Eclectic Prog Metalcore
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Review by Time_Signature 11 years ago <Permalink>
White Walls - Mad Man Circus 2010
Eclectic Prog Metalcore
This release is actually quite good, I must say, but also a challenging listen if you are not used to progressive and avant-garde metal, and if you have a problem with genre transgression, then stay away. However, if you, like me, love challenging music that breaks down the genre boundaries within and outside metal, then "Mad Man Circus" by Romanian metal act White Walls should be just up your strasse.

Jest, the fist track "Friends for a While" takes us through several subgenres within metal, such as metalcore, thrash metal, deathmetal, grindcore, progressive metal, alternative metal and, to spice it up even more, the song has been generously drizzled with jazz chords and odd time signatures... and this is still just the first track. But "Friends for a While" is pretty much symptomatic of the rest of the album which is highly ecclectic and progressive without ever being overly technical. Still, this is a band who are not afraid of using dissonant jazz chords, odd time signatures and unconventional song structures, and lengthy samples of the sound of small waves in a lake touching to bottom of a wooden boat. This really is good stuff; hard-hitting metal which also has a lot of artistic appeal to it. White Walls certainly fit the label of "the thinking person's metal" which has been applied to the likes of QueensrĂżche and Watchtower (I know, it's "the thinkng man's metal", but, hey, let's try not to be sexist).

I do have two issues with this release, though. Firstly, I think that guitar solos are sorely lacking from this album. There are none actually. There are some guitar lead melodies, and they work fine, but there are so many parts of the songs on this album that lend themselves perfectly to some guitar solos - and the solos could also ... -> show full review
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Mad Man Circus 2010

9.4 x2
Eclectic Prog Metalcore
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Mad Man Circus 2010
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Eclectic Prog Metalcore