Uriah Heep Into the Wild 2011 Review by Time_Signature

Retro Non-Prog Album Oriented Rock
Uriah Heep have deliberate chosen a retrogressive approach to their 23rd album, looking back to the good old days rather than trying to be groundbreaking or innovative (and, let's remember, that they have broken plenty of ground in the past).

The style on this album is AOR-inclined hard rock, associated with the 70s and early 80s, with some slight progressive elements. Perhaps a lot of younger listeners will not accept this as metal, but Heeps have manged to revive metal as it sounded back in the day, and I think that this album kicks ass aplenty; just check out "Nail on the Head", "I Can See You", and "Into the Wild".

There are plenty of classic style guitar riffs and hammond-organ atmosphere, which I am sur ethat fans of original hard rock and AOR will enjoy, and heavier and more melodic tracks like "Lost" and "Kiss of Freedom" are also slightly progressively inclined.

This is simply honest and catchy hard rock 'n' roll - enjoy.