Tool 10,000 Days 2006 Review by Kestrel

I admit... I'm not a Tool fan. However, I figured I would give this album a shot and some of the songs did impress me. Vicarious, Jambi, 10,000 Days, The Pot and Right in Two are pretty good songs. Some of the songs are just plain boring and aren't worth listening to: Wings for Marie and Intension. They make me like this album a lot less. The rest of the tracks (Lipan Conjuring, Lost Keys and Viginti Tres) aren't really spectacular but serve their purpose and also aren't significant enough to really affect the rating I'm ending up giving the album. So all in all, a decent effort but nothing spectacular. If you're a fan of lyrics though, check this album out. I'm going to give their other albums a shot as well, perhaps I'll like them...
Vicarious 7:06
Jambi 7:28
Wings for Marie (Pt 1) 6:11
10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2) 11:13
Although I disagree with some of the lyrics, they're pretty damn good.
The Pot 6:21
Best song on the album.
Lipan Conjuring 1:11
Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) 3:46
Rosetta Stoned 11:11
Intension 7:21
Right in Two 8:55
Good lyrics.
Viginti Tres 5:02
Waste of space, but not bad enough to really detract a great amount from the album.
Comment by DetoxScission 15 years ago
Non-Prog Rock
It has some great moments, but it has a tendency to get a little dry when going all the way through the disc.
Review by Mike 17 years ago <Permalink>
Technical Experimental Prog Metal
I love it! To me it seems like a good successor of Lateralus - some tracks are as ambitioned and abstract, others are less tense and and even a bit mellow, reminding of Aenima. I really like the epic of the album - tracks #3 and #4. They're really gloomy and sort of depressing - Maynard never explains the lyrics, but I'm sure they are mostly about his mother, but might also include other topics.

I think that I'll prefer this to Lateralus in the long run - somehow 10,000 Days feels more balanced to me, but it's really too early for a final verdict.
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