Tangerine Dream Ricochet

Info about Tangerine Dream - Ricochet
Artist Tangerine Dream
Year 1975
Studio Album
Play Time 38:14
Added by avestin 17 years ago
Importance Major release
8.7 x7
Experimental Technical Prog Rock/Electronic
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Review by avestin 17 years ago <Permalink>
Experimental Technical Prog Electronic
There are certain bands which I simply can't describe their albums as I do with others. I can't go song by song and describe what goes on there etc. There are certain bands of which I can only vaguely explain what is their music like and mostly what it makes me feel. Tangerine Dream is one of those bands. Ricochet, performed live in autumn 1975 in France and Britain, is one of my favourite TD releases. For me, this release combines perfectly the compositional skills of TD, their ability to hypnotize me with their instruments, and their undeniable talent of performing live and making it sound as if it were a studio album. You could say that some parts of it are boring, but for me the whole album is a journey, a voyage to another place far away from the everyday life. This is why I prefer listening to TD alone at dusk without any interruptions. Their mesmerizing electronic sound compels me to drift away and start daydreaming. But it would not be enough if it were only this part of their music that existed. They take their music very seriously and don't just rely on simply giving you a standard electronic sound repeated over and over. They build on the foundations of the tune, more and more layers, adding new ideas into it, and creating mysterious and weird scenes and soundscapes. It may appear to be very simple tunes, but it is not the case at all. Listen to it and you will realize what they do in order to create this music. Other reviews here describe the music very well, and there is no need to repeat it. I will just say that both tracks are very good and stand apart from each other. Even though I am not fond of live shows, this is an album in which I made an exception, due to its remarkable qualities.
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