Spock's Beard Snow 2002 Review by Lofcaudio

Prog Rock
This is one of my favorite albums and I sincerely believe it to be one of the very best prog albums.

I am a sucker for two-disc concept albums. And even though the Snow concept is a bit weak, I enjoy it nonetheless. It lacks the eerieness of The Lamb, but it does have a certain haunting aspect to it. Ultimately, it comes down to the music, which Spock's Beard delivers in heaping quantities and which given time, will soak right into your brain.

The initial overture gently grabs your hand and pulls you in to witness the birth of Snow and the world which ostracizes him because of his unique appearance. While some may complain of the opening songs ("Stranger in a Strange Land" and "Long Time Suffering") being more AOR than prog, there is no denying the emotionally charged lyrics and catchy hooks which are present in these songs. Neal Morse gives a passionate turn at lead vocals in this passage and presents the listener with the anguish that Snow lives with in his formative years.

New York is the setting (which does annoy me a bit as it seems too much like The Lamb) where Snow hopes to rise above the bigotry and bring hope to others who have been rejected by society. "Love Beyond Words" is a short ballad sandwhiched in between the hardest music that exists on the album. When I say "hard", I mean metal. "Welcome to NYC", "The 39th Street Blues" and "Devil's Got My Throat" are melodic, but hard and I'm not sure I've heard Neal Morse sing like this before. The effect is at first startling and then very gratifying, in my humble opinion.

The next portion is one of the best sections of the album with the songs "Open Wide the Flood Gates" and "Open the Gates Part 2". ... -> show full review
Comment by J-Man 12 years ago
Symphonic Neo Prog Rock
This is one of the greatest double concept albums ever, and I would actually rate this masterpiece above The Lamb, Tales From Topographic Oceans, and other classic double albums. A perfect 10 without a doubt, and will forever be one of the greatest albums ever released.