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Pretty Maids

Info about Pretty Maids
Country Denmark
Added By Time_Signature
13 years ago
Base Genre
2010 Rock
9.5 x1
Non-Prog Hard Rock/Metal
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Track Statistics The database currently contains 11 studio tracks by Pretty Maids.
Track durations range from 3m 55s to 5m 48s, averaging at 4m 33s with a standard deviation of 35s.
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Review by Time_Signature 13 years ago <Permalink>
Pretty Maids - Pandemonium 2010
Non-Prog Hard Rock/Metal
This release by Pretty Maids is really good - it took me totally by surprise. There are some really hard-hitting tracks on this album, like "Pandemonium" and "Cielo Drive" - both of which are pwer metal tracks - and "One World One Truth", "Final Day of Innocence", "It Comes At Night", "Beautiful Madness" and "Breathless" which are solid heavy metal tracks.

Judging by the title, "Little Drops of Heaven", could potentially be a very cheesy ballad, and the tracks opening keyboards seem to confirm that, as it sounds like the intro to a Euro dance song, but as the song kicks in, it becomes apparent that we are actually listening to a melancholic rock song of high quality. It has a really catchy hookline and serves as an example of how to sucessfully integrate pop music and hardrock. "Old Enough to Know" is a less notable, and perhaps dated, ballad but I'm sure that a lot of people will appreciate it for what it is.

What characterizes this album is an almost perfect balance of heaviness and melodic catchiness. There are some really nice catchy choruses on this album. Good stuff.

Recommended to fans of traditional heavy metal, melodic hard rock and power metal. I think that even pop fans might like it too.

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Pandemonium 2010

9.5 x1
Non-Prog Hard Rock/Metal
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