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Petyr Smolyk 2018 Review by DamoXt7942

Psychedelic Stoner Prog-Related Hard Rock
Another incredible authentic stoner rock full of deep, heavy psychedelic aspects.

A California-oriented unit PETYR were founded as a stoner rock quartet by a professional skateboarder Riley HAWK. The second album "Smolyk" was released on April 30, 2018, following their first eponymous one, via Outer Battery Records. We can find their strong dignified positive intention massively inspired by stoner rock pioneers like Kyuss or Sleep, heavy rock vanguards like Black Sabbath, or psychedelic masters like Flower Travellin Band. Exactly we can say Heaven gives Riley two talents, skating and rocking. Through the whole creation, the magnificent hollowing-out sound gravity by the rhythm section - the bassist Luke DEVIGNY and the drummer Nick McDONNELL - should shape and determine their serious stoner appearance. Of course we must not avoid such a sarcastically hallucinogenic dissonance created with twin guitars by Riley and Holland REDD.

The crazy propagating combination mentioned above explodes from the very beginning of the titled masterpiece "Smolyk". Fantastically violent sound explosions cling to our heart and never let go. Such an energetic distortion in "Part 1" launched by four strengthened instruments is also addictive. In "Part 2" repetitive passion plays and loose, relaxing vocals ... -> show full review