Mr. Bungle Disco Volante

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Artist Mr. Bungle
Year 1995
Studio Album
Play Time 1:08:40
Added by Mike 17 years ago
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8.4 x11
Technical Experimental Prog Rock/Independent
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Review by Bj-1 15 years ago <Permalink>
nbsp;Now THIS is something you don’t hear everyday, very different from their debut too, Mike Patton takes Mr. Bungle to new heights with this one, this is simply one of the most unorthodox and downright bizarre RIO/Avant-Prog records ever made and definitely one of the highlight of modern progressive music. This is very inaccessible and needs a good dose of patience and open-mind ness, like most of Patton’s works, and you’ll see that this album really have some fantastic qualities. The most notable one being that this album transcends almost every musical genre ever recorded, including ambient, death metal, jazz and techno, without sounding unbalanced or unstructured. This is an extremely well made album actually, and I think this is one of the most original and weirdest Avant-Prog I’ve listened to so far.

The musicianship is incredible, better instrumentation on an album is hard to find. It’s really amazing to listen to; the musicians play this √ľber-complex music with complete ease it seems. There are also loads with sound effects here and the album is extremely unpredictable too.

In overall, I have to say that this album impressed me to the maximal on the first couple of listens. While not perfect though, “The Bends” is a 10-minute avant-ambient track splitted up in several parts, it’s an interesting track and it’s not bad, but I don’t think it matches up with the rest of the album, same goes for “After School Special”, but otherwise, this album is more or less perfection to the most bizarre and unusual levels. It’s a really though nut for some, but if you like Avant-Prog in a “bit” more extreme way, this album is not to be missed!! Masterpiece!
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