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Mira Snelder Mourning Earth And Wounded Sky

Info about Mira Snelder - Mourning Earth And Wounded Sky
Artist Mira Snelder
Year 2019
Studio Album
Play Time 44:56
Added by Rivertree 2 years ago
Importance Major release
8.0 x1
Prog Electronic/Rock
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Review by DamoXt7942 2 years ago <Permalink>
Prog Electronic/Rock
Electronic art rock cultivated with sweet pop and cool avantgarde nutrition. Forgive me not finding any good expression but her creation definitely has a great deal of charm. Mira is a Dutch solo artist utilizing digital audio workstation and other instruments. It makes sense via this album that she's been inspired by lots of musical essence like rock, pop, jazz, or classical. Not particularly leaning towards one specific genre, she's created her original soundscape featuring almost all of musical material. Regardless of such a serious title, "Mourning Earth And Wounded Sky" involves apparent emotional delight to the bright future, whilst launching current anxiety or conflict under such a terrible situation.

In general, she technically highlights her fascinating keyboard playing blended with complicatedly percussive (sometimes quirky) synthesizer sounds. Sometimes the electronika sounds like kinda old-fashioned computer game music but this is also good for us (aha I'm a middle-aged guy absorbed in computer games yeah!). The middle part of one of her masterpieces "Wounded Sky" reminds me of something like this, and simultaneously of oldie goodie memories in my young days. Yes today is tough like the ... -> show full review
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