Marillion Brave 1994 Review by Lofcaudio

Neo Prog Rock
I have just recently been introduced to Marillion and have been pleasantly surprised with what I have heard so far. Unlike most people who start with the earlier Fish albums, my initial taste of this British group was with the albums Marbles, Brave and Afraid of Sunlight (which happen to be the only three albums I have listened to at the date of this review). I must say, I do like the sound these guys make.

Brave is a concept album, but I'm going to spend very little time (if any) in this review discussing the concept since I much prefer focusing on the music itself. While the story in the music may be worthy of some additional appreciation, it's always the music that makes or breaks an album. Brave is chock-full of very good music.


The opening track is hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric as the setting is appropriately set for the story that is to be told over the course of the album. The music is soft, with the vocals almost being whispered to convey the anguish and despair of the situation. While the song clocks in at just under three minutes, I always wish it would last a little longer since the music truly is beautiful through here.

"Living with the Big Lie"

What a great song this is! Wonderful lyrical passages combined with a hard-driving melody really make this a standout song. Marillion may be considered a neo-prog band, yet the sound on this song is so fresh and powerful (even 12 years later) that I would never consider this to be even remotely derivative.


Things slow down a bit as this third song continues the musical bliss that started from the opening sounds of the album. Strong contributions from all members of the band meld to make a soft, subtle sound that is pleasing to the ears and warming to the heart. (I ... -> show full review