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Info about Métronhomme
Country Italy
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4 years ago
Base Genre
2005-2019 Rock
9.3 x2
Italian Instrumental Experimental Prog Country/Rock
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Track Statistics The database currently contains 23 studio tracks by Métronhomme.
Track durations range from 04s to 10m 09s, averaging at 4m 21s with a standard deviation of 2m 01s.
Recent Activities
Review by metronhomme 4 years ago <Permalink>
Métronhomme - 4 2019
Italian Instrumental Experimental Prog Rock/Independent
METRONHOMME – 4 presentation About Métronhomme: The musical group Métronhomme was formed in Macerata (MC), ITALY, in the summer of 2003; the idea of the members was that of developing an unusual project, based on original music compositions, open to a wide type of sounds and experimentations. The first Metronhomme’s work was characterized by the form of the "concept": not single pieces for the sake of themselves, but a single conceptual composition divided into several moments; the purpose was to represente the work in a theatrical context. With this method, the first three works of the group come to life: “L’ultimo canto di Orfeo” (The last song of Orpheus), “Neve” and “Bar Panopticon”. The show entitled "The Last Song of Orpheus" was played in public for the first time in 2005: a free musical-multimedia interpretation of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The idea is based on the representation of a musical journey using a small dance troupe; some backgroud narrating voices accompained the unfolding of the musical paintings as a small vademecum for the viewer and the band used the synchronized video-projections as sound for the paintings. The band, represented its first work in numerous theaters; the performances were welcomed by the critics and Metronhomme decided to create a CD of the musical part of the show (here the music from the Cd - In 2008 it was the turn of "Neve" (tr. “Snow”). It is a musical-theatrical representation, freely taken from Maxence Fermine’s homonym novel witch constitute a research work exploring the fusion of a theater and music. In 2010, the group was involved in a new project: "Bar Panopticon"; the work was first played at the Lauro Rossi Theater in Macerata, with the contribution of AMAT (Marche Theatrical Activities Association) and the Municipality of the town. Proceeding along the path of interference between music, theater and video, the Métronhomme ... -> show full review
Top LPs
4 2019

9.5 x1
Italian Instrumental Experimental Prog Rock/Independent
L'Ultimo Canto Di Orfeo 2005

9.0 x1
Italian Instrumental Prog Rock/Jazz
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