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Long Distance Calling

Info about Long Distance Calling
Country Germany
Added By Mike
15 years ago
Base Genre
2007-2022 Rock
8.6 x5
Instrumental Stoner Prog Post Math/Metal
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Track Statistics The database currently contains 13 studio tracks by Long Distance Calling.
Track durations range from 5m 53s to 12m 16s, averaging at 8m 44s with a standard deviation of 1m 45s.
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Review by avestin 12 years ago <Permalink>
Long Distance Calling - Long Distance Calling 2011
The third Long Distance Calling album is self-titled.

Now why is that so?

I could think of many examples where bands do this on their first album. But the third?

There has to be some special meaning to it then.

Perhaps they're trying to say something? Is the band feeling estranged from its listeners and trying to reach out to us with this record by using this title? Or could it be that communications have deteriorated such that only a Long Distance Call is taken seriously?

However you want to interpret it, Long Distance Calling provides another almost entirely instrumental heavy and spacey rock album. One that they say is song and theme oriented, despite the lack of lyrics for the most part although there is a "proper" song on here, Middleville, featuring John Bush on vocals. The band states that: "Our writing is very song orientated; the song itself is the most important thing. We're mostly jamming when we write songs, trying to find a basic structure and then filling and building it up with sounds, melodies and atmospheres. On the new album we rediscovered the power of the riff.". One can definitely hear powerful riffs throughout the album's 7 tracks, blurring the border between rock and metal with their heaviness and groove. While the origins of the songs lie in jams, there is certainly clear direction and melody to the each piece as well as development and buildup. While it lacks lyrics, the music is quite emotional, ranging from aggressive and in-your-face-riffing (Invisible Giants) to slower and a little mellower yet still powerful parts (Timebends). Moreoever, there are some sections where the music is quite groovy (Invisible Giants, Into The Black Wide Open), but still the general vibe of the album is somber and dark.

Interestingly the band says the following: "We don't listen ... -> show full review
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