Le Orme Contrappunti

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Artist Le Orme
Year 1974
Studio Album
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Italian Symphonic Prog Rock/Independent
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Review by zafreth 14 years ago <Permalink>
Italian Symphonic Prog Rock
Le Orme in 1974, Release to the Market the disc titled Contrappunti, without a doubt one of more classic discs, of this Italian group that is formed by Toni Pagliuca Keyboards, Aldo Tagliapietra - voice, bass and acoustic guitar, Michi Dei Rossi - Drums and supported percussions and in this occasion by the great pianist Gian Piero Reverberi, in some songs in the production of this disc. I consider that this is one of the highest points in his discography, comparable with the Felona e Sorona and Uomo di Pezza, nevertheless, is one more a work abstruse and difficult to listen, in some parts also I believe that it contains much of the elements (embryonic even), of Le Orme 77-80, mainly in the acoustic parts, but in any case in this album it has for all the tastes of the Progressive Rock, from frontal attacks with the Hammond of Pagliuca (e.g. Contrappunti, Maggio), progressive acoustic ballads, with a romantic and delicate touch by part the skillful voice of Tagliapietra (e.g. Frutto Acerbo, La Fabricante d' Angeli), and melodies very “sui generis” for the leormenian rank (e.g. Aliante). Independently of the previous thing it is without a doubt the last great disc of the most progressive stage of Le Orme, and in some songs this is simply impressive. Even so I believe that the disc has a species of concept although he is not very apparent at first sight, but start from Aliante I feel that a musical connection with the rest of the work exists, since the harmonies are very similar in certain musical intervals, also is the last complete album of 70's with that sound so characteristic of the keyboard of Pagliuca, in the style of ELP and also in which the keyboard player takes the lead role with the prominence of these to the front of the disc; of all ways I believe that the disc in comment is one of key albums of the discography of Le Orme, less ... -> show full review
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