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King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King 1969 Review by OpenMind

Prog Rock
A classic of early prog rock. The grinding guitars, angular rhythms and unrelenting energy of "21st Century Schizoid Man" still sound fresh today. Indeed they continued to play this live for decades afterwards. "Epitaph" and "The Court of the Crimson King" are also iconic pieces of symphonic rock. The notorious Mellotron synth-orchestra sound takes centre stage here, as it would on countless future prog anthems. Although the underlying music is simple enough, it was their control of dynamics and sound that prevented these pieces from being pure stodge. The drum-rolls and Mellotron swells of "Epitaph" are perfectly-timed. But symphonic rock isn't just about Mellotrons - this track also has a fantastic sinister funeral march section on low woodwinds, courtesy of Ian McDonald.

It's only marred by the rambling of "Moonchild". After starting with a little pastoral acoustic song, this descends into several minutes of aimless stoned-sounding guitar and tuned-percussion twiddles. Peter Sinfield's spaced-out hippy lyrics are also at their most twee and dated here. "I Talk To the Wind" is much more tasteful - a pretty ballad whose flute solo and pastoral colour foreshadowed a lot of early Genesis.
21st Century Schizoid Man Mirrors 7:20
I Talk to the Wind 6:05
Epitaph 8:47
Moonchild 12:11
In The Court of The Crimson King 9:23
Comment by O666 8 years ago
Technical Experimental Prog Rock/Jazz
Exact Masterpiece. First "PROGRESSIVE" Album. You can find many styles in this album. The meaning of "Eclectic". I can't talk about this with words more.
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Comment by Time_Signature 16 years ago
Experimental Prog Rock
No wonder this is considered a prog masterpiece by many. The effective blend of dark rock, jazz, folk, pop and other musical genres is simply a stroke of genious. I wouldn't have any problems with each song being ten or twenty minutes longer.
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