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Kiku Latte Fantasia 2019, EP Review by DamoXt7942

Prog Jazz/Rock
In any case, Japanese pop / rock fans love art rock. Likewise in the Japanese progressive rock scene. Some Japanese 'so-called-progressive-rock' projects run towards kinda artistic style, along with superficially complicated rhythm and melody lines, and eventually end up with unoriginal collectives. Sorry I do not know the reason KIKU LATTE (formerly known as CICHLA TEMENSIS) have experienced 4-year hibernation from 2012 until 2016, but surely they've revived due to admission of Kazumi (flute, ex-Naikaku), Hiroyuki (guitars), and Shingo (drums) ... and finally last year their third album titled "Fantasia" was released. Guess they would have squeezed all of their musical / artistic pleasure into this 22-minute creation. It's good you can find their pleasure itself easily via this opus full of acceptable phrases and reasonable movements. Yes, they keep the flautist Kazumi upon the front line like other combos featuring flute, but such delightful atmosphere should never exist without a decent, consistent rhythm section.

The first shot "Sorairo No Geranium (Sky-Blue Geranium)" has superbly cheerful disposition. Sounds like all of them be frank, ... -> show full review