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Review by Kestrel 14 years ago <Permalink>
Tool - 10,000 Days 2006
I admit... I'm not a Tool fan. However, I figured I would give
this album a shot and some of the songs did impress me.
Vicarious, Jambi, 10,000 Days, The Pot and Right in Two are
pretty good songs. Some of the songs are just plain boring and
aren't worth listening to: Wings for Marie and Intension. They
make me like this album a lot less. The rest of the tracks
(Lipan Conjuring, Lost Keys and Viginti Tres) aren't really
spectacular but serve their purpose and also aren't significant
enough to really affect the rating I'm ending up giving the
album. So all in all, a decent effort but nothing spectacular.
If you're a fan of lyrics though, check this album out. I'm
going to give their other albums a shot as well, perhaps I'll
like them...
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Review by Kestrel 14 years ago <Permalink>
Rush - 2112 1976
Non-Prog Rock
It's a shame that the album with what in my opinion is Rush's
best song, also has songs that detract from it. The opening
track is definitely my favorite song by everyone and has been
since I heard it for the first time maybe 6 or 7 years ago
(around age 10 or so). With the exception of "2112" and
"Something for Nothing", the tracks aren't all that special.
Not until their next album would they release a record that was
strong throughout. If I were to buy this album already knowing
the songs, I'd only be buying it for the title track.
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Review by Kestrel 14 years ago <Permalink>
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick 1972
Technical Experimental Prog
Oh man, this is what made prog rock great. You would never hear
anything like this coming from MTV (I hope I have to change
that statement!). Great musicianship, brilliant composition and
insightful lyrics. Even though the tracks are about 20 minutes
a piece, they never get boring (aside from one patch in part
2). Everyone must hear this.
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Comment by Kestrel
Pain of Salvation - Entropia 1997
A great debut for an amazing band. Although Pain of Salvation
has somewhat shifted their style since this album and produced
great, if not better works, some songs on here remain among
their best, such as "Winning a War" and "Revival". Just a sweet
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Review by Kestrel 14 years ago <Permalink>
Pain of Salvation - Be 2004
Prog Metal
BE is perhaps the best album to come out in years. Daniel
Gildenlow brings forth a very intriguing concept of God and why
things are the way they are. The album is full of insightful lyrics, further
showing that Gildelow is one of the best lyricists today. Also,
shifting from albums such as Entropia and Remedy Lane, Pain of
Salvation has help from a small orchestra, which makes the
album far more interesting than previous efforts. The album also contains dramatic
shifts from tracks consisting solely of speech to tracks with acoustic guitars to
tracks with heavy metal riffs. This album isn't the same as many other greats in
that it isn't full of great, independent songs. Many of the
tracks which could be considered weaker, are indeed weaker when listened to by themselves. However, once each track is put into its
place, it contributes to the work as a whole. Take for
example, "Vocari Dei". Even though it has some nice music, it
is comprised entirely of messages left on an answering machine.
Who wants to listen to that as an individual track? It wouldn't
work on its own but when included in BE, it adds to the
concept. BE definitely isn't a collection of tracks, but
truly, an album and what every album should aspire to be.
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Review by Kestrel 14 years ago <Permalink>
Rush - A Farewell To Kings 1977
Prog Rock
One of the best albums ever recorded. Simple as that. It
features some of their best songs such as the title track and
"Xanadu". The album goes from pretty ballads like to
straight-out rockin' musicwhile showing off each member's
skills. One of the few albums I can listen to without wanting
to skip to the next song because of a boring patch. It's just
an amazing piece of work.
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Pink Floyd - Animals 1977
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Rush - A Farewell To Kings 1977
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Pain of Salvation - Be 2004
Prog Metal
Rush - Hemispheres 1978
Technical Experimental Prog Rock
Rush - Moving Pictures 1981
Technical Experimental Prog
Yes - Close to the Edge 1972
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Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane 2002
Rush - Permanent Waves 1980
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Van Der Graaf Generator - Pawn Hearts 1971
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Pain of Salvation - Entropia 1997
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