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Kayo Dot Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue

Info about Kayo Dot - Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue
Artist Kayo Dot
Year 2006
Release Date
10. January 2006
Studio Album
Play Time 1:00:15
Added by ivansfr0st 18 years ago
Importance Essential release
8.2 x13
Experimental Minimalistic Prog Post Metal/Independent
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Review by ivansfr0st 18 years ago <Permalink>
Free Form Experimental Prog Post Rock
After such an unexpected, earth-shattering debut as Choirs of the Eye it is not surprising that Kayo Dot 's fans had high expectations for this album. Well, what did they expect? An album done in the traditions and under the borders of the first release? A return to the roots of maudlin of the Well ? Or a an album that sounds like nothing you've ever heard before, let alone the group's previous efforts? I am proud to say that, in this case, it is the latter. When Choirs of the Eye was released, many loyal fans of the group couldn't accept the metamorphosis, which was the transition between Bath/Leaving Your Body Map and CotE . The "songs" were hardly songs anymore and would be better described as "free compositions , which opened new inspiration sources to the artists, however, with it also became more challenging for the average listener. Is the change between Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue and its predecessor even more apparant? Definitely, although now that the listeners are prepared to expect anything from Kayo Dot , it is not as surprising as it used to be. The new release seems more carefree and laid-down, surely jazzier and not as post-rocking as the debut. Those who enjoyed Choirs of the Eye (like myself)should prepare for a brand new experience once again.

The album is opened with Gemini Becoming The Tripod , a dramatic, atmospheric song with both quiet, dreaming parts, as well as apocalyptic, distorted and drone-doomy ones. The vocals(and lyrics too!) used here suit the music perfectly, and the instrumentation matches the mood of the composition - even the woodwinds help to get the message across. I especially like the outro of this track - the one that starts after the vocals end. ... -> show full review
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