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Graveyard Hisingen Blues 2011 Review by Time_Signature

Psychedelic Retro Prog-Related Hard Rock/Metal
Although stylistically different bands like Noctum and Graveyard can be considered representatives of a movement in Sweden and elsewhere which retrospectively seeks back to the very earliest incarnations of heavy metal music and its roots in 70s hard rock.

While Noctum seek inspiration mainly in Black Sabbath and similarly doom-ladden early metal bands, Graveyard seem more inspired by Led Zeppelin (and Joakim Nilsson's raw voice sounds like something in between Robert Plant and "Manic Frustration"-era Eric Wagner [who's know to do some Plant copy-catting anyway]), and Graveyard appears generally less doom-ladden than Noctum. Nonetheless, tracks like the heavy "No Good, Mr Holden" and "Ungrateful Ar the Dead", the dark ballads "Uncomfortably Numb" and "Longing" (the latter, which is an instrumental, even has a sort of Morricone-ish spaghetti-western atmosphere to it and is a candidate for my favorite track of the album) and the more uptempo "Buying Truth (Tack & Forl├ąt)" do have a certain melancholy and darkness to them.

Musically, Graveyard's dirty ... -> show full review