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Graveyard Graveyard 2007 Review by Time_Signature

Psychedelic Retro Prog-Related Hard Rock
Originally released in 2007, and rereleased on Nuclear Blast in 2011, this is the debut album by Swedish hard rockers Graveyard.

The style on this album is essentially the same - namely, heavy blues-based hard rock solidly rooted in Graveyard's obvious inspiration from 70s hard rock bands, and, thus, "Graveyard" takes the listener back to the very roots of heavy metal music. The vocals sound 70s-ish. The guitars sound 70-ish. The drums sound very 70s-ish. The only thing that is missing to complete the picture would be the sound of vinyl static (but I guess that if you buys a vinyl version, you can even have that).

Combining the southern rock-inspired groove of Led Zeppelin with the dark heaviness of Black Sabbath, Graveyard's music on this album is both groovily bluesy and heavily doomy and more than relevant to the metal fan.

Recommended to fans of heavy rock, southern rock and acts like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, and Trouble.

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