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Info about Entombed
Country Sweden
Added By usefulidiot
17 years ago
Base Genre
1990-2002 Metal
8.9 x3
Nordic Heavy Non-Prog Death Metal
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Track Statistics The database currently contains 32 studio tracks by Entombed.
Track durations range from 1m 54s to 6m 39s, averaging at 3m 29s with a standard deviation of 1m 01s.
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Review by Time_Signature 12 years ago <Permalink>
Entombed - Wolverine Blues 1993
Non-Prog Death Metal
Let me start with an anecdote. Back when this album first came out, I had it on cassette and would often listen to it on my walkman while bicycling to school. One day, I was on my way to my final English exam in school, and I was listening to "Wolverine Blues" on my walkman. I came to a t-junction and had to turn right. Being fully immersed in the music, I did not notice that there was a big 4x4 with a horse trailer coming in from the left. So I went out right in front of the car, resulting in me feeling the ground shake from the vibrations from the car, and then finding myself being hurled through the air, Entombed thundering into my ears. The driver of the car, the decent person he was, stopped and came out to check if I was okay. I got on me feet and, miraculously, the only injury was some deep scraped on my hand and the pedal of my bike being slightly bent. I told him I was okay and that he shouldn't worry; it was my own fault anyway. So he moved on, and I moved on. I made it to the exam - it was a written exam - and handed in an almost illegible essay (my hands had started shaking, of course, as the adrenaline effects wore off) with blood on it from my scraped hands. I actually passed the exam with top marks. So, I have had the honor of being hit by a car, and miraculously surviving, while listening to this album... how many people can brag about that?!?

So, what about this album? It is considered the seminal album of the death 'n' ... -> show full review
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Wolverine Blues 1993

9.1 x3
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Morning Star 2002

7.7 x1
Non-Prog Death Metal
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