Cynic Traced In Air 2008 Review by Time_Signature

Prog Metal
Cynic are back! And what a majestic return! While the musicianship on "Focus" was already at a very advanced level, it's at an even higher level now, as they have had some 14 years to mature as musicians and improve their performance and writing skills even more.

This has resulted in a kind of short, yet very breathtaking and powerful technical progressive metal album. The fomula is essentially the same as on "focus" - namely the use of ever-driving complex jazzy metal guitar riffs combined with crisp, and crystal clear clean guitar parts and independent bass ostinatos and Reinerts dynamic drumming adding an extra dimension that goes beyond your average rhythm section. Masvidal's high-pitched melodic vocals are less robotized than on "Focus", but they are really haunting on this one, and his first vocal lines on "The Space for This" are certain to send shivers down the spines on many a listener's back. The death growls are also back and offer a perfect foil for Masvidal's soft ... -> show full review
Nunc Fluens 2:55
The Space for This 5:56
Evolutionary Sleeper 3:34
Integral Birth 3:52
The Unknown Guest 4:12
Adam's Murmur 3:28
King of Those Who Know 6:08
Nunc Stans 4:12
Comment by Mike 13 years ago
Technical Prog Metal
A wonderful album ... a bit short, but also very concise and right to the point. The music is more melodic than their debut, it often reminded me of Aeon Spoke, which is a non-metal side project which is also quite recommended. This album is also a mix of rock and metal, there are some quite heavy outbursts of metal and the rest is rock. I think what amazes me the most is how they combine beautiful melodies and - occasional - highly technical playing with hints towards Fusion.