Cynic Re-Traced 2010, EP Review by Time_Signature

Prog Rock/Independent
Cynic are a bunch of genii, there is no doubt about that. Their two full length albums are both groundbreaking and outstanding metal releases. Cynic are also very versatile musicians, and "Re-Traced", which contains mainly reintepretations of tracks from the 2008 success "Traced in Air" plus one original song called "Wheels within Wheels".

"Space", which is a reinterpretation of "The Space for This", is an almost athmospheric piece of progressive rock, whose atmospheric mood at times remind me of Depeche Mode. On "Evolutionary", which is a reinterpretiation of "Evolutionary Sleeper", Cynic experiment primarily with alternative rock (in a way "Evolutionary" seems to be inspired by 90s alternative rock which was inspired by 80s U2). "King", a reinterpretation of "King of those who Know", is more of a modern jazz fusion affair (there is some impressive fretless bass work and lots of jazz chords in this version) which also draws on 90s alternative noise rock and also has Reinert emulate the typical drum beat of Prodigy-inspired techno (I'm sure there's a specific name for the genre I'm thinking og, but I'm not well versed in the world of electronica music). "Integral", a ... -> show full review