Celtic Frost Cold Lake 1989 Review by Time_Signature

Non-Prog Metal
"Cold Lake" is the album that everybody loves to hate (the band were so ashamed of it that they didn't reissue it, when they reissued their back catalogue in 1999). It is normally categorized as glam metal, and certainly, the pink cover, and even more so, the photographs of the band members - where they are styled in typical glam metal fashion - would suggest that "Cold Lake" is a run-of-the-mill glam metal release.

However, musically, "Cold Lake" is more of a dark heavy metal release, which even contains a number of thrashy elements. It is not a typically dark and experimental, but it's NOT Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Poison. Firstly, the music is too dark, and there are more musical references to traditional 80s heavy metal than glam metal. The main riff of "Cherry Orchards" even sounds a bit like like Metallica's "Search and Destroy" while "Little Velvet" reminds me of 80s Judas Priest. Even "Dance Sleazy" and the bonus track "Tease Me" with their glammy titles sound more like Motörhead than Crüe or Ratt.

I won't recommend this album to anyone, because everybody hates it. Well, I like it, and **** you if you hate me for liking it :-P