Candlemass Nightfall 1987 Review by Time_Signature

Epic Non-Prog Doom Metal
Enter Messiah Marcolin the man/mountain (in Leif Edling's words) with the insane vibrato and operatic abilities. "Nightfall" is considered one of Candlemass' best releases, and certainly one of the most important releases in doom metal history introducing Marcolin to the scene (he had, however, released a couple of albums with Mercy prior to that). However, for some reason, it is not my favorite Candlemass album - and I actually like "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus", "Tales of Creation", the Robert Lowe albums, and even "Ancient Drems" (which Leif Edling himself has described as a failed rush release).

"Nightfall" contains a number of more uptempo tracks, and that may be one of the reasons why it doesn't click with me to the same extent as a lot of Candlemass' other releases do. It contains a number of classics and fan favorites like "The Well of Souls", "At the Gallows End", and "Bewitched", which I think are okay. Other tracks like "Gothic Stone" and "March Funebre" strike me as being silly fillers. "Samarithan", however, is a doom metal masterpiece, and that track alone is worth buying the entire album for.

Recommended to fans of good old epic doom metal.

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