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Between The Buried And Me Colors 2007 Review by HughesJB4

Eclectic Prog Extreme Metal
My favorite release of 2007.
While many prog metal bands like Dream Theater starting to sound a bit stagnant and uninspired, BtBaM went the whole hog in the opposite direction.
Exceptional dynamics, musicianship and song writing, while never skimping on emotion, make for an album so musically perfect to me, that I wouldn't change a thing about it.
The only weak point is the production.
The drums are too high in the mix and the guitars are slightly muddy, but fortunately this is not a huge problem.
Comment by Mike 16 years ago
Avant-Garde Prog Extreme Metal
I really like the album, but somehow many of the aggressive metalcore parts seem a bit unnecessary to me ... which is a pity, because the album contains some brilliant and unusual approaches to songwriting, and - as usual - musicianship and production are superb.
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