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About This Website


I started this website as my personal homepage back in 2004. I'm a software developer, and one of the first things I did as a 14 years old boy with my Commodore 64 was to write a small Basic program that managed my family's collection of VHS cassettes. In 2004 I was 29 years old and had just received my degree in computer sciences. My biggest hobby was and is music, specifically progressive stuff. So I decided to make a website with a small database of artists and albums which I could use to manage my collection of albums with.

I built my homepage (, which today has become a rather inactive Wordpress blog), and it was really fun. But soon I realised: I could easily add a user database and register myself as one of those users ... so all the features that I added to the website could not only be used by myself, but anyone else who had similar interests. I knew many other fans of prog music from, a great website/forum that I joined in 2005 (under the name "MikeEnRegalia").

Some of them joined me here and submitted ratings/tags, some simply used the signature service of this website to render their playlists as signature images. Another binding element between Progarchives and this website is the "PA" section which contains several genre voting charts. At any artist can be listed, but at admission is only possible if the collabs and admins there decided that the artist is prog (or at least prog-related). The voting charts here are used by the guys (and gals) at PA to simplify this addition process.

Are you a band/artist?

If you are interested in getting your albums onto this website, you should add the artist and album entries yourself. As far as reviews are concerned, you can contact the users on the site. You can also send me the music, but I cannot promise a review since most of the time I have for this website goes into maintenance and technical improvements. Having said that, I'm always interested in discovering new music, and I'll happily give your new album a listen - feel free to point me towards digital downloads on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon etc. or send me a digital copy (easier and cheaper than mailing CDs).