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Review by Mike 17 years ago <Permalink>
Empyrium - Weiland 2002
Minimalistic Prog-Related Post Rock
This is a really weird and unusual album. Made by metal musicians, this is not metal at all - during some passages the drumming reminds of metal, but there is no double bass. No electric guitars either - only acoustic guitars, string instruments, piano and occasional mellotrons. Vocals are really diverse - male only, but in various different styles from beautiful, majestic operatic vocals to ghastly growls.
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Review by avestin 17 years ago <Permalink>
Hidria Spacefolk - Balansia 2005
Technical Experimental Prog Rock
This album grew on me in just one day after repeated listening to it during a work day in which I was hooked to phones. At first this sounded as disconnected blurbs of music that were connected to each other by mere coincidence. And then after 4 or 5 listens I started to realize. This is not just aimless jamming. There is a theme for the different track. There is a main idea that drives it and sets it into motion. Then after the idea is presented, the music starts swirling and moving into several directions, presenting more ideas that might be seen as jamming. The music is made up of guitars keyboard and then some more instruments to add to the flavour but the result is so very rich in sound. Those musicians are talented and know their stuff. Besides playing very well, they show their jamming and improvisational capabilities and also their compositional skills, which are not to be disregarded. This might be to you just another psych/space album, but I hear here so much more. The way these guys build their music I find to be impressive. Yes, they rely on improvisations and jamming, but the core of the music is well thought out and planned composition. What is beautiful is that they manage to make their music sound as if they had just written it or are making it up as they are playing. The sounds they produce are exotic (with the marimba, vibraphone and trumpet), psychedelic and rock in nature all in the same track. They take on their main theme and develop it further on (sometimes jamming around it) and on a few tracks deviate at a certain point and play in a new direction. There are some brilliant ... -> show full review
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Comment by Mike 17 years ago
Pain of Salvation - Entropia 1997
Symphonic Technical Prog Metal
One of the most astonishing debut albums I've ever heard. Outstanding production, excellent musicianship throughout and amazingly fresh and innovative songwriting and lyrics.
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Rating by avestin
Nil - Nil Novo Sub Sole 2005
Experimental Prog Rock
This French band has released 3 previous albums and their preceding album was a remarkable achievement. A concept album made up of two acts over 40 minutes and without interruptions. Here Nil changes to an album made up of 6 tracks, two of which are instrumentals.

Le Gardien begins softly with a guitar playing two chords, accompanied by synth and the voice of Roselyne, the female vocalist. This goes on for 2:10 minutes and then the music becomes more dynamic and faster due to the synth speeding things up ad in come the drums and the rest of the band joins in. Roselyne does a very good job with her beautiful voice, creating some haunting melodies. Though her voice is more appropriate for plain singing in a low key, she manages to deliver the right emotions in all the ways she sings here. Le Gardien?s sound and appealing sound owes it to her voice and the keyboards as well. The guitar part is good but a bit repetitive sounding, and it will change in the coming other songs. This songs spans over 20 minutes in length and as all other songs here, switches tempo and swings between slow, contemplative drum-less parts to more energetic guitar and keyboard driven parts. To me this is a beautiful song filled with much emotions, harmonies and good vocal parts. However, I suspect some might find this song boring, repetitive and going nowhere. While I can understand this criticism I do not agree with it and all I can say is that this is eventually determined by your taste and this song is to my taste. A criticism I accept about this song (which does not apply to the other songs here), is that it may sound hollow, as if it misses some more sounds filling it, like there are instruments not present, that should be. Maybe this problem could have been reslved in the making of this album. Another thing is that towards the 17th minute it sounds as if the songs ends and then it reemerges sounding like a different song altogether. This is not a problem, but why not separate ... -> show full review
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Rating by Mike 17 years ago
Shadow Gallery - Shadow Gallery 1992
Neo Prog Metal/Rock
Review by Mike 17 years ago <Permalink>
Dianne Reeves - That Day... 1997
Retro Non-Prog Jazz
I love that voice. Dianne has an unique talent to sing in the low registers with ease and a beautifully rich timbre. She doesn't overdo it though, like Cassandra Wilson sometimes does in my opinion.

A really cool and relaxed Vocal Jazz album, with a heavy dose of Blues in some tracks. A few tracks are not so good, but they're counterbalanced by some really awesome tunes.
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Comment by Mike 17 years ago
Death Angel - Act III 1990
Eclectic Non-Prog Thrash Metal
Brilliant! A real gem, absolutely essential for every half way decent Thrash Metal collection. I don't know where to begin ... it's almost flawless, yet not at all polished or overproduced. Some acoustic tracks, some fast tracks, some mid tempo tracks, and always a healthy amount of experimentation and unpredictability.
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Review by Mike 17 years ago <Permalink>
The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve 2004
Symphonic Retro Prog Rock
I can't really put my finger on any specific problem with this album - but somehow I think that it might be their worst. It is not bad - but in my opinion it is just not as good as their other releases, and at the same time it is quite inconsistent. One of my favorite tracks is Vampire's View, but to be honest - it sounds like a Pain of Salvation track.
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Rating by Bj-1
AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1976
Classic AC/DC album, stuffed with excellent hard rock riffs and truly "dirty" lyrics. Originally released in 1976, then re-released i the US in 1981, right after the excellent "For Those About To Rock" album. The best tracks are the title track, "Problem Child" and "Ain't No Fun". Some weaker tracks here too, though, but this is still a recommended album if you like AC/DC.

Rating: 4/5
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Review by ivansfr0st 17 years ago <Permalink>
Agalloch - Pale Folklore 1999
Agalloch's first full-length album Pale Folklore , often underlooked even by the band's most hardcore followers, is more than just an outstanding debut. Utilizing influences from various sources, from 80's Gothic Rock to Ethnic Folk music, from Italian 70's Symphonic Prog to Norwegian 90's Black Metal's scene, and much much more, Agalloch managed to create a unique, extraordinary style of their own, achieving something nobody had achieved before. Opeth are famous(well, in our circles anyway)for combining two parts - mellow and heavy - to create a very special sound. Agalloch , whose influences were as diverse as Opeth's , from the fusion of all elements gained one sound that is very easy to recognise if you have experienced this amazing band.

The album starts with the atmospheric She Painted Fire Across The Skyline , consisting of three parts. The first part starts out slow and maybe a little repetitive, but sets the vibe of the album very well. Although Pale Folklore is more often dynamic, the mood of the album is melancholic from the beginning until the end. The melodic riff that starts at about 3:00 gives me chills everytime I hear it, it is also done again in the end of the third part of the epic track. I'm not sure which part is my favourite: I would tell this about the third part, but, unfotunately, it is ruined by the spoken vocals just before the 1:00 mark, which sounds out of place and, fortunately, is the only thing you can blame this masterpiece for, which doesn't make it any worse than it is, really. The forth track is an instrumental, in fact the only one on this record, and doesn't follow the pace of the whole work - it is gentle and nice, with piano's and flutes, a very sad instrumental indeed. I'm not ... -> show full review
Comment by Mike
Little Atlas - Wanderlust 2005
Symphonic Prog Rock
I like the straight approach of Little Atlas ... they don't attempt to be particularly quirky, strange or technical. Their music is very balanced and mature, and not too derivative of the 70s - apart from the occasional mellotron.
Comment by Mike
Edge of Sanity - Crimson 1996
Heavy Neo Prog Extreme Metal
I like it - but I fail to see the superior quality that others see in this album. Maybe I need to listen to it some more, but I think that it's quite boring in some passages, and even in its good moments it's outshined by other key albums of the genre.
Comment by Mike
Ayreon - Into the Electric Castle 1998
Symphonic Neo Prog Metal/Rock
One of my favorite prog rock/metal albums. I think that it's a little bit better than The Human Equation - it's more original and creative, while THE is more mature and balanced.
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Review by Bj-1 17 years ago <Permalink>
Magellan - Hour of Restoration 1991
Technical Neo Prog Metal
A highly promising debut from Magellan, already here we see that this band is something unique. This album mixes modern prog together with progressive metal with a heavy symphonic edge. Very epic, and extremely complex at times, but also surprisingly acessible in a way. Still, this might be an acquired taste though fans of bands like Marillion and Dream Theater should enjoy this stuff with complete ease. Me personally think it's excellent!
Comment by Mike
Devin Townsend - Synchestra 2006
Experimental Prog-Related Metal
The track ratings pretty much say it all - I think that the album is a little bit better than Terria, although my opinion might change over time. But there's no doubt that this is a masterpiece.
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Review by ivansfr0st 17 years ago <Permalink>
My Dying Bride - Turn Loose The Swans 1994
Doom Metal

Turn Loose The Swans , the sophomore effort by My Dying Bride is an extremely unique album when considering its historical importance and the mind-boggling progression between this record and the debut As The Flower Withers . A dramatic change can is easily noticeable in that the group no longer plays the powerful Death/Doom exclusively, and has implemented such features that make their sound truly uncategorisable and impossible to put in whatever box you have got prepared for them. Martin Powell, now a full group colleague of the musicians, plays a greater role on this record, two of the seven total tracks lacking any heavy metal expression and consisting of gentle and melancholic violin and piano composition. In addition, he has become more brave in taking part in heavier sections, with the screeching, weeping violin sound that has been copied numerous times by now.

The album is surrounded by a tragic, fatal aura, and the lyrics are extremely bleak and depressing, much like the music itself, dealing with loss, hatred and despair. Conversely, it is drastically different from the debut in that way that there is so much variety in the songwriting in virtually every single track that the listening experience becomes absolutely breathtaking, as there are all the moments that make the music worthwhile. The track lengths and compositional structure are very progressive, with the average song being roughly nine minutes long. A large number of tempo changes and ... -> show full review
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Review by ivansfr0st 17 years ago <Permalink>
Edge of Sanity - Purgatory Afterglow 1994
Death Metal
Although I do not understand why many Swanoheads consider this to be the best album by Edge Of Sanity , I have to admit this is a great experience. Compared to its successor, Crimson , released two years after, this is a weaker effort lyrically, technically and conceptually.

I really enjoy this album, but its progressiveness, honestly speaking, is rather questionable. Besides the synth in the first track, which, in my point of view, is the only progressive song here, the album is just a great Death Metal record in the style of Dark Tranquility . The riffs and melodies are written incredibly well, the choruses are very catchy, and Dan's growling vocals are much better than on any of the previous releases. I know this isn't an aspect to attract Progressive Rock fans towards this album, but the extreme vocals are quite possibly the greatest done in the genre. Dan also sings on three tracks - Twilight , Blood-Coloured and Black Tears . For the people unfamiliar with the Swedish mastermind: Dan Swano's clean singing sounds a lot like David Coverdale, who seems to be a common influence even among the manliest metal musicians of Sweden.

Joking aside, the tracks here vary from 'excellent' to 'average'. The highest point of the album is the very first track, Twlight , with its beautiful and, later, hauntingly mysterious synth parts and clean vocals, amazing melodies and the mighty chorus. Of Darksome Origin is a riff-based song, with a dark atmosphere and Black Metal vocals. ... -> show full review
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Rating by Mike
Pain of Salvation - Be 2004
Experimental Prog Metal/Rock
I wouldn't recommend this for Pain of Salvation newbies. It is a good album musicwise, but the concept is a little bit pretentious and - dare I say it - cheesy. Also, the focus is not as much on the music as it was on the first four studio albums. Some tracks are among Pain of Salvation's finest efforts though.
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Review by Mike 17 years ago <Permalink>
Mike Keneally - Dancing 2000
Eclectic Prog Rock/Independent
This is one of the more accessible releases by Mike Keneally. The album is a fascinating mix of genres and influences. Mike is backed here by a number of musicians. On stage MK & Beer for Dolphins usually are a 3 piece band, but here they're more like 8 piece - and then some. Some of the songs are really weird and Zappa-esque, but some are more in the Fusion style, and some are quite plain. But they're all really good, and an excellent starting point to get into the weird and amazing world of Mike Keneally.
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Review by Mike 17 years ago <Permalink>
Dream Theater - Awake 1994
Technical Experimental Prog Metal
This is my favorite DT album. Images & Words and Scenes are equally perfect from an objective standpoint (if I had to recommend one I wouldn't know which to choose) but this one is best balanced IMO. Scenes has that Rudess influence which moved DT a tiny bit closer to ELP, Images & Words is a tiny bit less "metal" than Awake. On Awake you have it all ... and I really like Kevin Moore's contribution, which adds an - if even only on the subconscious level - experimental and slightly avant-garde feeling, not only on Space-Dye Vest.

In a nutshell this album has all which makes Prog Metal the wonderful genre which it is - if you're into this sort of thing. Of course there are many reasons to dislike it ... outstanding musicianship, crystal clear production, amazing bandwidth of musical styles from soft/acoustic to heavy/thrash, you name it.

The only problems I have with the album are a few passages where LaBrie sings in registers which are on the fringes of what he's capable of - it's a bit better than on I&W though - and the track Lifting Shadows Off a Dream, which is perhaps the earliest example of DT honoring U2 and is simply not a particularly noteworthy song IMO.

But that still leaves us with over an hour of pure masterpiece.
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