Yura Yura Teikoku 3x3x3 1998 Review by DamoXt7942

Psychedelic Prog Rock
As I put my impression into a phrase, they are exactly "very warm rock gang tinged with a bit of psychedelic flavour and a spice of grunge taste, less progressive colour and no flattery".

Well you know the first exploded sound bomb can surprise you completely, and...what a funky and funny development! At the next moment you should laugh out at their funky sounds and voices with industrially-crashed guitar solo. Yeah the key essence of their musical style has come around you immediately.
Of course not only this but also violently loud and speedy kicks hit your brain directly - such a grunge texture should be very important for them in this album. From the beginning many kinds of taste - bitter, salty, spicy, sweet and delicious - can pop up like a cracker bonbon with various colours of tape. Through the album, you can find lots of faces and appearances from YURAYURA's inner mind. In this work are simply bluesy rock songs or ... -> show full review